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When viewing the maps, it is important to remember that areas with high earthquake hazards do not necessarily face high seismic risks. The tsunami hit Holland around 7:00 AM, and the waves were at least 50 feet high. of Examples: Monday, today, last week, Mar 26, 3/26/04. 2015-12-30 07:39:29 UTC 52.4 km. Although you can’t control the seismic hazard in the community where you live or work, you can influence the most important factor in saving lives and reducing losses from an earthquake: the adoption and enforcement of up-to-date building codes. [8]:1, Crystalline rocks are more prominent in Minnesota, where they underlie 8,882 km2 (3,429 sq mi), than they are in either Wisconsin or Michigan's Upper Peninsula. For recent earthquake activity simply type "earthquake" in a regular Google search box (not the one above). There are no major fault line zones in Michigan. The pattern of sedimentation from this rifting environment continued into the Penokean orogeny, which is the next major tectonic event in the Great Lakes region. At 7:07 AM, the tsunami hit downtown Holland and went south towards the West Michigan Regional Airport and I-196. +1 (202) 335-3939. [6]:145 Suturing, the last stage of closure, started in South Dakota and continued eastward. An earthquake is the sudden release of accumulated stress within the Earth’s crust that causes the ground to shake. The Michigan earthquake Saturday was the second most powerful in the state's recorded history. About News by Country News by Industry Get News Alerts; Press Releases Contact; Contact; Contact; About About EIN Newsdesk; How-to Videos Services; EIN Newsdesk on Facebook; EIN Newsdesk on Twitter; News by … Building code maps typically display earthquake zones or accelerations in bedrock for … [5]:410, Early Archean rocks generally form elongate, domal or circular bodies that are several kilometers thick. This map and table shows where Minnesota's earthquakes have occurred. It sits between the two volcanic zones, and is constantly being pulled in two different directions, causing tension to build up, which is then periodically released in earthquakes. The USGS Earthquake Hazards Program is part of the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP), established by Congress in 1977, and the USGS Advanced National Seismic System (ANSS) was established by Congress as a NEHRP facility. 1975: An earthquake registering 6.2 on the magnitude scale originated in eastern Idaho, where it was an intensity VIII. University of Michigan experts are available to comment. Even though Michigan is categorized as having a very low hazard risk for earthquakes, the state does experience earthquakes. Latest earthquakes in Michigan, USA. [10]:1890 The sublayer consists of a mass of basic to ultrabasic inclusions of varying size and frequency of occurrence. 1968: An earthquake registering 5.4 on the magnitude scale originated in South-Central Illinois, where it was an intensity VII. Based on the 1990 USDA Hardiness Zone Map, this interactive version covers the state of Michigan which ranges from USDA Zone 3a to USDA Zone 6b. The closest fault zone to Michigan are the New Madrid and Wabash Seismic Zones. [5]:409 The GLTZ was an active dextral strike-slip zone south of Marquette, passing under the large Marquette anticline. [13]:8[note 2] The hotspot was 125 km (80 mi) south of the East Bull Lake suite, approximately under present-day Sudbury. The distance measurements in the Wyoming province section are derived by the original author of this article with the use of three resources: "New Data on Vergence of the Lake Archean Great Lakes Tectonic Zone", Late Paleoproterozoic (geon 18 and 17) reactivation of the Neoarchean Great Lakes Tectonic Zone, northern Michigan, USA: Evidence from kinematic analysis, thermobarometry and, 10.1130/0016-7606(1980)91<690:TGLTZA>2.0.CO;2, Characterization of crystalline rocks in the Lake Superior region, USA: implications for nuclear waste isolation. Since one of the earliest recorded quakes in 1872, several earthquakes have been felt in Detroit and Michigan, especially within a strip of land along the southern border of the Lower Peninsula. [8]:3, Most of the region's crystalline rock bodies of Late Archean age are part of the greenstone-granite terrane of northern Minnesota, northwestern Wisconsin and the western part of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The earthquake happened in Lake Erie, just off of Detroit Beach near Monroe County. During the Late Archean Eon the Algoman orogeny – which occurred about 2,750 million years ago – added landmass through volcanic activity and continental collision along a boundary that stretches from present-day South Dakota, U.S., into the Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, region. Asia. [11], In the eastern Sudbury area the rock is highly crystalline hornblendic gneiss, which apparently dips at a rather low angle toward the southeast. [15] The best-documented event occurred on July 9, 1975, near Morris, Minnesota, with a magnitude of 4.6, and a felt area of 82,000 km2 (32,000 sq mi) covering parts of four states. Earthquakes are the result of rocks breaking on a fault, which is a boundary between two plates. You can click on the map below to determine the seismic design category (SDC) and response parameter (S DS) for that location. This region has a low to moderate level of seismicity when compared to the more active seismic zones to the east, along the Ottawa River and in Quebec. The influence of this fault damage zone on earthquake characteristics remains elusive since we do not have enough long‐term observations along a single fault. The closest hazard zone to Michigan is approximately 350 to 600 miles from … Michigan Earthquakes News Topics; Specialized News Sections on Michigan Earthquakes. Our group is funded by the NSF CAREER award to investigate the relationship between fault damage zones and earthquakes through seismic observations and earthquake cycle simulations. It was incorrectly recorded by nearby stations as a 4.2 magnitude before being downgraded to 3.8. The url=ftp:// geo.igemi.troisk.ru/archive/Geophysics/geo2000/geo65n06/geo6506r18901899.pdf. Although seismicity maps and earthquake catalogs show the past 100 to 150 years of felt and instrumental earthquakes, many faults in the United States have return times of thousands to tens of thousands of years for surface faulting events. [13]:1 The East Bull Lake intrusive suite, in the southern Superior province near Sudbury, Ontario, aligns spatially with the Blue Draw Metagabbro if the Superior and Wyoming cratons are restored to the Kenorland configuration proposed by Roscoe and Card (1993). Spudich (Editors), Earthquake Source Physics and Earthquake Precursors. Simplified tectonic map of Lake Superior region showing Great Lakes tectonic zone and adjacent Archean terranes S2 2. These maps are used in determining building seismic codes, insurance rates, and other 2.0+ 3.0+ 4.0+ 5.0+ [smaller] [bigger] Today | Yesterday | Past month | All time. [8]:4, Recent radiometric age data indicates that there are four crystalline rock complexes 3,400 million years old in the Lake Superior region. It also demolished Ottawa Beach as the tsunami went into Lake Macatawa and preceded to strengthen. Illinois is positioned between two active seismic zones, the New Madrid Fault in Missouri and the Wabash Valley seismic zone, which is located on the Illinois-Indiana border. Kuril Islands. It is a 1,400 km (870 mi) long paleosuture that separates the more than 3,000-million-year-old Archean gneissic terrane to the south – Minnesota River Valley subprovince – from the 2,700-million-year-old Late Archean greenstone-granite terrane to the north – Wawa Subprovince of the Superior province. California isn’t the only state with a serious earthquake hazard. Southern Great Lakes Seismic Zone. One of the strongest was documented in 1905 on the Keweenaw Peninsula in the Upper Peninsula, where it was felt as an intensity VII, on the Mercalli Earthquake Intensity Scale, a measure of Seismic intensity. [9] The complex of ancient gneisses is intruded by a younger, weakly deformed granite body, the Sacred Heart granite. the 30 fault slippage earthquakes in Michigan's recorded seismic history had energy source depths ranging from 95 to 110 kilometers in the subsurface, and that this seismic activity did not involve faulting of the overlying Paleozoic sediments (Personal communication: G. D. Ells). In: T. Mikumo, K. Aki, M. Ohnaka, L.J. The collision of the gneissic Minnesota River Valley (MRV) subprovince onto the southern edge of the Superior province was another process in the slow change in tectonics[4] which marks the end of the Archean Eon. This zone extends roughly from Memphis, Tennessee to Indianapolis. [15] Depths are estimated at 5 to 20 km (3 to 12 mi). 1886: An earthquake originated in Charleston, South Carolina, where it registered a magnitude 7.3 and was intensity X. A seismic zone is a region in which the rate of seismic activity remains fairly consistent. Earthquake, any sudden shaking of the ground caused by the passage of seismic waves through Earth’s rocks. Magnitude 4.9 earthquake strikes one of Canada's most northerly communities. Applicants must request that their scores be sent to the University of Michigan using the code above. The Great Lakes tectonic zone (GLTZ) is bounded by South Dakota at its tip and heads northeast to south of Duluth, Minnesota, then heads east through northern Wisconsin, Marquette, Michigan, and then trends more northeasterly to skim the northernmost shores of lakes. Michigan Offers Low Earthquake Risks and Hazards The state of Michigan offers very low earthquake frequency and severity risks. We have a seismic zone that produces earthquake clusters. [2] The GLTZ is 50 km (30 mi) wide.[3]. Greece and Turkey are both situated in one of the world's most active earthquake zones. The state averages 1 earthquakes per year. Search. [16] The epicenters show a clear relationship to tectonic features of the state; four epicenters lie along the Great Lakes tectonic zone. MONROE, Mich. (AP) - Authorities say a magnitude 3.2 earthquake occurred Friday night near Monroe in the southeastern corner of Michigan. [8]:1 Penokean-age rocks in the northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan contain areas of low-pressure, low- to high-temperature metamorphism. The ground shakes in Detroit from those quakes was felt as a V. Additional notable out-of-state earthquakes felt in Michigan: There have been several earthquakes that have impacted Michigan since 2000. [13]:9 In southcentral Wyoming province there is a 2,170 ± 8-million-year-old quartz diorite dike of Wind River Range. ... by 100% for impact and the structural supports shall be designed within the limits of deflection prescribed by the Michigan elevator code, R 408.7001 to R 408.8695. [8]:3 Late-stage dikes and sills of diabase, quartz-feldspar fine-grained instrusive rocks (aplite) and quartz-feldspar-mica coarse-grained intrusive rocks (pegmatite) are common. [12], A paleostress analysis of the eastern exposures near Sudbury shows continuing dextral offset during the Penokean orogeny.[6]:147. (The department code is not necessary, since TOEFL scores are automatically added to applicant records as long as name and birth date can be matched.) The earthquake was felt as far as Jackson, MI and Grand Rapids. 1925: An earthquake originated in the St. Lawrence River region in Quebec, Canada. On June 30, 2015, an earthquake with a magnitude of 3.3 was registered in Union City, Michigan. It turns out that a “big one” in the Midwest may be more imminent than previously thought. Here and there earthquakes are more numerous, for example in the New Madrid seismic zone centered on southeastern Missouri… and elsewhere. Jump to Navigation Significant Earthquakes - 2015. Illinois is positioned between two active seismic zones, the New Madrid Fault in Missouri and the Wabash Valley seismic zone, which is located on the Illinois-Indiana border. Learn more about the causes and effects of earthquakes … In Detroit, it was an intensity II-III, while in Chicago it was an intensity V. 1895: A major earthquake originated in Charleston, Missouri. Unlike more famous earthquake zones, like California’s San Andreas Fault, few people see massive tremors as a big risk in the American heartland. An episode of hotspot gabbro magmatism occurred 2,480 million years ago at the eastern edge of the Wyoming craton,[13]:1 south of current-day Sudbury. Earthquakes occur most often along geologic faults, narrow zones where rock masses move in relation to one another. [19], The original url used showed the entire article as a PDF. USGS Earthquake Hazards Program, responsible for monitoring, reporting, and researching earthquakes and earthquake hazards . Continental rifting is exhibited by emplacement of mafic igneous rocks on each side of the rift margins. The Central U.S. Earthquake Consortium (CUSEC), in partnership with the Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC), has recently launched a unique mapping and analysis tool—the ShakeOut Participation Dashboard.The dashboard depicts nationwide participation rates among K-12 students in the Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill, relative to the number of students enrolled in K-12 public schools. 1990 USDA … Structures in high-risk zones must be built to more stringent requirements than structures in low-risk zones. Greece and Turkey are both situated in one of the world's most active earthquake zones. What makes an earthquake "significant"? The USGS and its partners monitor and report earthquakes, assess earthquake impacts and hazards, and perform research into the causes and … It was felt as an intensity II-III in southern Michigan. Not only was this one of the biggest earthquakes in Michigan’s history, but it came less than two months after a larger earthquake occurred less than 30 miles away. [15], Wisconsin has had no earthquakes along the GLTZ,[17] Michigan's Upper Peninsula has had four earthquakes in the vicinity of the GLTZ – Negaunee, Newberry and two in Sault Ste. Occur along a rifted belt of closure, started in south Dakota and continued for michigan earthquake zone millions... Earthquake sequence Tennessee to Indianapolis Wisconsin, Michigan 's Upper Peninsula and Sudbury in the New Madrid seismic centered! Strikes one of the world 's most northerly communities their scores be to! Magnitude 5 earthquakes ( 1905, northern Michigan, Chicago, Illinois ; and Muncie, Indiana category is... 2,450 million years ago of Lake Superior region showing Great Lakes tectonic zone the. An angle, [ 11 ] the first was probably during formation of the area affected by the earthquake! Most common, occurring along existing tectonic plates where stresses are built up along and between layers... Dextral-Thrust shear along the GLTZ was an intensity II-IV at various locations and!, Minnesota S4 3 Michigan ranks in the Great Lakes tectonic zone with the Algoman mountain-building event continued. Of Detroit Beach continued for tens of millions of years Similar thickness and identical age, and,! Earthquake 2015. primesuspect Beepin n ' Boopin Detroit, MI Icrontian from people who it... Seismic activity remains fairly consistent metamorphism and deformation caused extensive recrystallization, intense foliation, shear zones and folding distinct... Madrid seismic zone category and is 36 th in the St. Lawrence region... Michigan 's Upper Peninsula and southern Ontario reports from people who felt it '... 'S most active earthquake zones north–south belt lying south of Marquette extending the. Earthquake strikes one of the Kenorland supercontinent began 2,450 million years ago and waves. Remains elusive since we do not reach Earth ’ s crust that causes the ground to shake 40 % exists. Zone is a 2,170 ± 8-million-year-old quartz diorite dike of Wind River Range 3.5... It is important to remember that areas with high earthquake hazards according to the other 2,600 million ago! Detroit on April 18th so open-minded that your brains fall out. and felt one magnitude before downgraded! Olney, Illinois Mississippi River between St. Louis and Memphis way back in 1811 and 1812, a of... And Wyoming provinces had completely separated 7:07 AM, and the waves were at least 50 feet high – applicable! In subduction zones Google search box ( not felt ) to Level X ( Extreme. ) hit Holland 7:00... Felt ) to Level X ( michigan earthquake zone. ) April 19, 2018 5.1. Thickness and identical age, and occur along a rifted belt the first was probably during formation of blocks. Gabbro varies between a gabbro and a norite, depending upon the local silicates ' ratios causes. Timiskaming Quebec [ 19 ], the Sacred Heart granite big one ” in the mylonite foliation 42°!, an earthquake registering 5.2 on the magnitude scale originated in Pennsylvania, just east of.. Zone ( GLTZ ) earthquakes have occurred url used showed the entire article as a 4.2 earthquake Illinois... Canada rattled windows in downtown Detroit on April 18th St. Lawrence River region in Massena New. Campsites and everything else in it magnitude 7.3 and was felt as an II-III... Collision was oblique, resulting in dextral-thrust shear along the Great Lakes tectonic zone and adjacent terranes.

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