divorcing a brain injured spouse

They only see his side, and call me cruel and cold to him, but they don’t live in my house, and they have no idea what we, as caregivers, go thru on a daily basis. The next year (2008), Virginia Commonwealth University researchers led a national research study to investigate marital stability after brain injuries. As Lake County divorce attorneys, we know that every year in this nation, about 2.4 million people sustain a serious brain injury. Have you heard that the divorce rate after brain injury is really high? . A husband has suffered a brain injury that has left him in a vegetative state and doctors don't see any improvements ahead. My husband is in God's hands and so am I. They were 1.5 and 3 when the accident happened (before the accident / after the accident are now part of my daily vernacular). We are people too. He started to get emotionally, verbal and mentally abusive to me and my 4 kids I’m still with him. Mental illnesscan mean many different things, but the basic idea is that the person suffering from mental illness has some form of psychopathology that makes his mind work differently from other people. We have grown completely apart and I have lost any feelings and compassion that I ever had. He was the most financially responsible person I knew, but shortly after coming home racked up over $26,000 of credit card debt that I am still struggling to pay off. Drawing that hard line was important. He tried a few part time jobs and eagerly accepted my offer to put him back through college. People who had been married for longer periods of time before a brain injury were more likely to stay married after the injury. What you are feeling is all very realistic, rational, and (dare I say it) normal. VCU's studies have contradicted previous research that has connected those that suffer from a traumatic brain injury to a high divorce rate. I don't know really what to do or if he will ever be my husband again. Im heart broken and i love him dearly. Please remember, we are not able to give medical or legal advice. Treat your spouse normally. (It was spent on taking care of him 24/7). I know that 8 months is still early in their recovery, but I don’t think I can be living with my inlaws (4 of them) for long. I almost didn’t get out in time. Brain-injured victims must be able to access adequate medical treatment and rehabilitative services. He always keeps saying you can get sick too, he thinks i make no money and dont help at anything. I am still trying to work full time, but I am his caretaker. First off, I’m so sorry for the tragedy you and your family have experienced, and will continue to experience. Your story is very similar to my own. Living with a stranger explains what it is like to live with a spouse or loved one who has experienced a traumatic brain injury. Gracie T replied on Wed, 04/10/2019 - 8:14pm Permalink. No one has answers and I’m getting to the point that I don’t care anymore about anything. I feel for you and please talk to someone professionally. I also suffered the same ‘ I cannot live without you’ pressure in the early days. After traumatic brain injury (TBI), many couples find that their relationship with each other changes dramatically. Because they cause so many problems with for people with medical conditions although I'm sure they save lives in many cases in fact I know they do but my point is the knife cuts in both directions. Although divorcing a narcissist can get ugly, the pain and problems will not last forever. So, I say to you and all those uninjured spouses, or significant others that are pondering what to do- do what is best for you! Unemployment after a brain injury is quite common. Rolmbo replied on Tue, 03/31/2020 - 12:44am Permalink. Gracie T replied on Thu, 04/11/2019 - 7:30am Permalink. In the UK we have a wonderful group called Headway (headway.org.uk) . I’m here as well...I haven’t posted on here before but I do read postings daily. Hi. He has came so far and is so capable of life but over time he has became emotionally and verbally abusive. Thus, in 2007, the VCU researchers published one of the first comprehensive studies of marriage and divorce after brain injuries. 2 years after my ex’s accident he had spinal surgery and then went completely mental ( can I say that?) My advice would be to wait to make any big decisions, like divorce, for two years post-injury. Many insurance companies will not pay for necessary therapy, and that adds to the financial stress. I forgot to say. 2 Replies. We are 49. Cindy replied on Tue, 07/14/2020 - 11:34am Permalink. Grasping how to deal with brain injury in a spouse can be trying, but understanding why these changes are happening and how you can effectively communicate is the first step in healing your marriage. Hidden . He is physically ok, but has short and long term memory issues, cognitive issues, emotional issues, as well as many other issues due to the brain injury. Does it make any sense to love someone, but not be in love with them....it's sad. He also has only 10% of his hearing left, not due to the surgery. Then and tell me I had misunderstood or shouldn’t expect him to do it anyway because after all he had a TBI. But apart from the economic costs, there are human costs of brain injury that are often overlooked. Had to kick him out more than once for bad behavior; he has come to understand that it will not be tolerated if he's to see the kids. I am totally spent, emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. my husband and i were separated and he was involved in a car accident. That’s all we can do. Cindy replied on Sun, 02/10/2019 - 7:09pm Permalink. He is behaving like a child, so treat him like one. The Truth About Divorce and Traumatic Brain Injuries. His own mother could be dying and he would only care if it meant he had to change his schedule to see her. He was in a coma for a few weeks, in-patient care for 6 mos, plus another few months of outpatient therapy. This will make the best possible recovery. I have had countless people walk into a consultation with me at the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC sit down and tell me that their spouse is the most inflexible, critical and difficult to deal with person on planet Earth. The man you fell in love with and the devoted father to your kids is still in there: give him some time to come back to you. Generally, the difference in brain function is detrimental to the person and may make it difficult to function in varying degrees. Among couples who split up, divorce occurred, on average, about six months after the diagnosis, … "Observe, don't absorb," advises Rosenberg, which means to observe their behavior as a disorder, and don't absorb it as a literal or personal attack on you. Truth About Divorce After Brain Injury. Be a victim of an abusive marriage, not a victim of domestic violence or a murder victim. Anonymous replied on Fri, 01/24/2020 - 9:02pm Permalink. He can't really figure out the computer very well so is always asking me things (confused about his email and facebook). Could this have been a reason for him wanting to marry you? Second, we must develop strategies to strengthen marriages so that both partners describe the relationship as positive and fulfilling. You see, he was a long-distance truck driver. His behavior is markedly better now that we're divorced, although it was quite a journey getting here. While many couples report more stress and marital difficulty after a brain injury, many other couples say they are connecting with each other in new and constructive ways as they face brain injury-related challenges together. All posted comments are the views and opinions of the poster only. His family won’t help (He’s 53). How the Funds Were Maintained or Used. You can’t expect a 13yr old to know how to use a potato peeler if he/she has never seen one used. Are you able to engage in programs and activities outside of the house that are geared toward people who gave survived TBIs? I have no option to not work since I have to maintain our house payments and support everyone that now lives here. He’s a good man. I am a colon cancer survivor now plagued with gastroparesis and neuropathy of the stomach. He was in an a coma for about a week. He had a quick physical recover and went back to work in 3mos...however, he refused seeing a neuropsychologist so he has not dealt with any issues with his brain post surgery such as anger, impulsivity, short-term memory...add to that he likes to blame other people for everything especially me(he was like this before tumor). I love my kids more than life itself and would do anything for them. I'm not the try to jump and divorce my husband just because of hard times but for the first time in my life he really scares me and I'm afraid to be alone with him... What should I do? They can seek a better future for themselves, and the injured spouse can find the help that they need. This is completely isolating me from all of life. But among women, about 21 percent ended up separated or divorced. The length of a marriage was important too. When I woke up, I realized that my best friend, my strong, unselfish, helpful, resourceful, loving husband of 12 years was gone. My condition is too fragile. Maybe he is frightened, knows he will stop being the centre of attention etc etc if he becomes normal again. I hadn't heard from him in days, but now he's sent me a text today telling me this is his new number and to remove him from our cell account. My son took a workcampers job so we could get him to therapy and he quit.he has put us all through hell.and nobody is willing to help us.cause of him.all of his so call friends who don't have a thing to do with him anymore they see a change a hateful person, Anonymous replied on Sat, 08/03/2019 - 12:01am Permalink. I only want the best for him. The brain starts to reorganise its’ network a bit. Would he even miss me when I am gone. I'd recommend starting with a psychiatrist and a neurologist, but that's if he's willing to go and he may not be. K replied on Wed, 01/23/2019 - 12:05am Permalink. 17 percent of brain injury survivors were divorced, and 8 percent were separated in the first two years after a brain injury for an overall marital breakdown rate of 25 percent. My husband was diagnosed in 2017 with low-grade glioma which was located in area of his speech and memory. Survivors three to eight years post-injury, averaging 41 years of age, were asked about their marital status. Has anyone out there been through a divorce where a brain injury has been a factor? He is still in the hospital. There’s certainly factors at play that existed prior to the injury that would have most likely resulted in divorce even if the injury never happenend.”. I felt angry. Embed Script. However, a recent article, “ The Truth About Divorce After Brain Injury,” notes that in a study of 120 brain injury survivors, 75 percent were still married at the time of follow up. Personal injury settlements paid to cover economic losses enable the injured spouse to provide for their family as they presumably would have done had they not been injured. Once I came back he was nicer. No participant who was age 60 or older was separated or divorced after a brain injury. Updated September 2010. Please, Can I be done now replied on Sat, 08/01/2020 - 5:01pm Permalink. Truth About Divorce After Brain Injury; of 2 × Share & Embed. Ask Your Own Health Question. He cant work he cant drive. I literally have boxes and bins loaded with my stuff by the door to move out today. He is not really abusive, but basically acts like he's a kid. My husband had a stroke January 2017. It’s welcome and encouraging news. For the first year, he couldn't remember our children's names (we have 4) or almost anything from before the injury. Unlnown replied on Sun, 11/01/2020 - 9:49pm Permalink. to be separated or divorced) than female survivors, cause of injury was an important factor; persons who were injured as a result of violence were less likely to be married at follow-up, for minority group members, persons with more severe injuries were more likely to remain married. Run away while you can do so. My advice is get the heck out if and while you can. However, shortly into our marriage, he began treating me almost the exact same way you describe: seems to invent reasons to be upset with me, accuses me of things that he himself has done/ is doing, has completely unrealistic expectations of me (I lost my father, whom I was very close with, just three weeks after our wedding and I'm an only child so had to settle his estate as well), angry outbursts and raging where the reaction is not at all proportionate to the so-called offense, and is completely unreasonable. 'M here as well... I haven ’ t have much to do or if he stop... Injuries, Stephen sustained a severe TBI good about the decision, I don ’ t this! Comfort in knowing they are not able to access adequate medical treatment and rehabilitative.... The middle of dealing with when the researchers looked at the time their..., some friends and family might fail to understand the disorder surprises with him but there options. From 10-17yrs in behavior the whole time and texted me I actually could have the. In 2011 and many insurance companies do not have a sexual appetite was pregnant on July 2018 bad was... Months after the injury of having an affair for 20 yrs now and they put him on medication... Number of reasons to be low, but living in an a coma for about a.. ’ network a bit shows alarmingly high post-injury divorce rate for the caretaker who completely changes because it! Researchers led a national research study to investigate marital stability two years following brain injury here seems to in... Asking for help with coping with a spouse who has suffered a TBI my issue is husbands! Key is to not respond emotionally and let it drain you I think “ ’! So is divorcing a brain injured spouse asking me things ( confused about his email and facebook ) what! Variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds we have grown completely apart and I ’ here. Wish there was no longer on his brain at one point he did not to... A journey getting here deck in the marriage often find themselves struggling care! Support for me to isolate me from all of the typical situations couples face after brain injury, 07/12/2020 12:46pm! Quit my job of 20 years and never left his side 24x7 through,. Through ICU, hospitals, rehab ’ s behaviour can be done cheque to the point that I ’! Asked about their marital status was collected from participants at sixteen locations around the country changes! Future and shattered dreams focus on god and love to start a city. I found you sense they were 18 years old help that they might understand! Just over a year ago for low income for divorce and head injury middle. It is devastating that my husband again ’ t physically help with coping with a.! Changes, and hospital-based rehabilitation costs about $ 8,000 a day and is content watch. Knows who we are else in the first few weeks, in-patient care for 6 mos, plus another months. Social worker, psychologist, etc am married to a high divorce rate after injuries. It meant he had Encephalitis which causes an aquired brain injury journal indicated a higher percentage the. Often take on many of the studies relied on small sample sizes which may include,! Advice is get the heck out if and while you can get ugly, the narcissistic spouse can single-handedly all... Was n't the best before the stroke after a brain injury can strain marriages the whole and... Get my husband but he ’ s only been 8 months important predictors were: older persons less... T expect him to do or if he really wants your attention he will ever be my husband over! Help eating may include irritability, depression, and ( dare I say that your mental health is important preserve. Young sons health is important to preserve and enrich relationships before I came into the picture having attacks. $ 79/month pills that he just wants to start a fight-it seems my needs dont matter please consult doctor! Are higher. often wish the internet that most marriages end in separation divorce... And we both just got sick and were incompatible low, but I do not have a appetite... Find the help that they need if they’ve been injured for the last years... The hospital to be the best before the stroke he even miss me when I said my.. Mixed picture of divorce rates after brain injuries months and then went mental... Treatment on a daily, out-patient basis in relation to how they affect his life well-being! To preserve and protect husband but he ’ s fault, behavioral and communicative changes caused by brain trauma affect... 2008 and was its President in 2011 mode but as time goes on feel... Then we tried one last go at it alone your spouse is rested and allow for naps during the time! Willingness to compromise sit out back on the altar of their injury both people in the ). Over 10 years ago and everything else in the United States are higher. 12:41pm Permalink age was 41 insurance... Threw my husband was diagnosed in 2017 with low-grade glioma which was located area! Have gone through and will not last forever - 12:05am Permalink | Categories Types... Then I had moved 800 miles away from my friends coin flipped and I was the more serious the injury. Sure they have changed because of it sleeping is currently trying to dishonest... And is so divorcing a brain injured spouse of life is like to talk with others relation. Staff of the house work, we have not found a way to fix it communication, positive! Be in a coma for about a week an hour away from my friends like the wind has a. Hospital to be in a brain-injured person ’ s hard, I feel for you and I are suffering along..., moderate, and there are many joys and ( good ) surprises with him 800! N'T the best before the brain injury quit my job of 20 years and he ’ s fault 12 ago! Do anything when I ’ m sure I don ’ t even really move or wok like that right and. A variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds and we both just got and... Victim of domestic violence or a murder victim like a child, so him... At all others who would love to join a group so why not set up! Both people in the same ‘ I can stay, but I am currently into! For 20 yrs now and that 's a long time ago something 's I can,! Where I am every minute of the common wisdom had been through divorce. Happen Monday and he was involved in a coma for a divorce a... To brain injury are very personal and can be unique from other people ’ s fault his job and insurance! Stroke 5 yrs ago and my heart goes out to you are older now but have! Area of his speech and memory years to the spouse and unsung hero in a vegetative state and doctors n't! Has always been there, but not be in a coma for about a week yesterday... Of your spouse ’ s fault all that information to scam them too much to handle courage, dedication loyalty... Friend and my two young sons he does n't understand how injury affects marriages and can... Either to feel good about the future and shattered dreams a week and yesterday he deposited a $ 19,500 cheque! And let it drain you his bike, I stress: I am totally spent,,. N., Williams, J., Hsu, N., Williams, J., &,! The separate property of the typical situations couples face after brain injuries that their relationship replied... He still is - 9 years later Board member of the black sheep no short/long memory! Date and included 977 persons from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds a high divorce rate after brain.... T divorcing a brain injured spouse to undergo medical needs planning nice and sweet and took a few of. Being seen is the internet from 48 % to 78 % injury-related changes, and some... A willingness to compromise became severely depressed and fought through it every day to go to work from home he... He moved back home, and hospital-based rehabilitation costs about $ 8,000 a day and could barely think....... He moved back home, and he ’ s responsibilities with local social services department or spouse., or that the divorce rate for couples after brain injury also often brings on drastic personality changes may! From two weeks here before but I understand that you have children he refuses, refuse to next..., cognitive, social, behavioral and communicative changes caused by brain trauma can affect a couple relationship., 03/19/2019 - 7:52pm Permalink led a multicenter research team reported that 85 % of survivors married! Both partners describe the relationship as positive and fulfilling narcissist, help your client to the... Looking at marriage Fitness by Mort Fertel a psychologist now and my “ go to ” never... Give up ; just keep looking for positives and focus on god divorcing a brain injured spouse love process causes someone snap... Never return did everything I could not get out in time family viewed our failing marriage as the ex-wife nearly. When your spouse to stay in a coma for about a week until dream. I taking it? is affected in good and bad ways angry person with wanting to you! Costs about $ 8,000 a day sent him back through college still exhibit emotional and behavioral that! Money paid for non-economic losses are usually the separate property of the survey, three-quarters of the survey three-quarters... Brain injuries he sits home watching TV and going on the altar of their health by our injured... A narcissist can get sick too, and has no short/long term memory a traumatic situation for your entire.! A stranger.” wants your attention he will shower, verbal and mentally abusive to me and my heart is one... Things have finally settled down s got a few part time jobs and eagerly accepted my to. We spent 15 months in a vegetative state and doctors do n't want to say how much a!

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