coconut passion victoria secret review

I feel guilty to admit, but it's one of my fave perfumes and is def one of my signatures for day time. Fragrance Reviews: 1003972 very summery and sexy. I got compliments. What a gorgeous smell! 10/10! When it's extremely hot I wear my Davidoff Cool Water :). This is a lovey coconut vanilla skin scented fragrance. I wish it had more coconut and less vanilla in it. A yummy coconut macaroon baking in the sun, crispy edges and all. Smells just like the votive candles my grandmother would buy in bulk from Garden Ridge. I like vanilla lace and also amber romance is decent too, but I won't wear any of these in the body spray. To explain further in my country once you smell like that it is like you self-medicated your hair to kill the lice in your scalp; but once I sprayed it on my skin it smells like vanilla with a hint of coconut. For the Body Fantasies line it actually has good sillage and longevity. Comforting and relaxes me. It was sharp, fake vanilla with heady, dank musk. I wore it walking on a fishing pier and it was the perfect scent. At first I smell the coconut, but immediately the vanilla appears like the real star! Reviewed in the United States on October 27, 2020. This is a sweet-treat-dream, the best affordable vanilla fragrance ever! For someone who loves gourmands this is dreamy and divine. This is definately one that is more mature in the fantasies collection along with ravishing love, vanilla lace, and sheer love.....its just a tasty vanilla coconut scent that can be worn year round at any time of day or night in any climate. Love it, it's not the first time I use it but it's the first time I got it this cheap online, Will definately buy again! There are definitely better scents out there if you're looking for a sweet smell. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. 10,05 € inkl. And during those 2 hours or less all I could smell was vanilla. Nope! It's very nice. Loved it while it lasted, though! Yuck! The best scent in the collection. If you love foody perfumes like I do you'll love this. The Sillage and longevity are typical for a body spray. Love it. They're simple and inexpensive, especially if you can find them on sale. It's also a rather sharp and artificial smell on me and not soft and cosy at all :(. Very clean and sophisticated. But I can't find the body mist on Fragrantica yet so for keeping record of my collection and in order to write a review I have chosen the EDT to comment on. Not too much of anything, just perfect. Duft. Although it's all about coconut, it may be cloying in very hot weather as it's also very sweet because of the vanilla. Very yummy. But I don't think it's too much about the coconut. 667538086168 7027433 7027433. Thankfully, the plastic dies down within minutes. DHL DPD. Lesen Sie ehrliche und unvoreingenommene Rezensionen von unseren Nutzern. Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Fragrance Mist (902) Victoria's Secret. It's not fruity at all, and the coconut isn't so roasty toasty either. Oohhh wow! I am a coconut worshipper and am still on a quest for the perfect coconut scent - this isn't it but it's nice. I do like coconut on certain occasions, and I like that this is a good blend of warm, toasty coconut and a very creamy vanilla - end result, a well blended, wearable fragrance that is cozy and comfortable. All of my girl friends loves it too!bThis is so much better than Vanilla Lace, because that one smells plastic.. I'm not sure why, but I feel like this smells exactly like the vanilla lace scent but with a touch of coconut added to it. The coconut is slight, so it does not remind me of suntan lotion. I blind bought the EDT on the strength of the rave reviews here and I'm so glad to have found this delectable gem. I use it daily to work or going for coffee with my friends now in summer when it's not still very hot. I chose two mists, then quickly grabbed this one because it had Vanilla. Not to mention the amazing smell last all day long. Smells mostly vanilla with warm burnt caramel and the exotic smell is the coconut I guess. The only problem is that it has no lasting power, but I mean it's a body splash after all. :). Coconut Passion definitely smells like sweet sugar coated shredded coconut. Coconut Passion is a very simple fragrance made with vanilla, coconut, and lily-of-the-valley. lasting power quite good, very gourmet smelling if you like "foody" perfumes this ones a winner!! Don't buy without smelling first! I got this perfume today and I'm actually a bit disappointed as I expected a coconut fragrance. Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion im Sortiment von This is definitely going with me on my trip to the beach. VS still has it online, but you can get a better deal somewhere else. BUT... when my boyfriend smelled it on me, he went absolutely crazy! I sampled this in VS today and didn't pay much attention, it was a waft of coconut at first. It's more vanilla, and really sweet. Das Erscheinungsjahr ist unbekannt. I bought a tiny bottle on sale at VS, and I'm glad I don't have any more of this juice to use up. Perfect for younger girls. It's just perfect! Not particularly girly, like other perfumes in the series, it can be worn by young girls, but also by more mature women. I tried this out at the local VS store recently and while I'm not really fond of coconut or anything that smells like it, this one is done right. It is not a parfum so if you are looking for something which performs as an EDP or EDT, then this is not it. Couple of hours later i started liking the coconut - vanilla blend .. it lasts VERY long too, i have had 15 or more VS perfumes so far and this one might just be the longest lasting one of them! Smells like Cocunut & vanilla :) just okay perfume. I get a Pop of Coconut but its not overpowering its a very smooth coconut, on the dye down it is creamy coconut swirling with Vanilla a yummy Vanilla they mix together in perfect harmony. Also a great tropical scent. I used to love it, but lately lots of perfumes with coconut have given me a lot of headaches.. Wish I would not have purchased on Amazon because I could not return. It's a soft, very well-balanced, sexy, cozy coconut vanilla. It's not a fruity strong or deep coconut its more like a sugared coconut. I bought it as a blind buy because it was on sale. This is a sweet, almost earthy version of vanilla-you can definitely smell the coconut but it's understated. I love anything coconut flavoured, I swear by coconut oil as a beauty treatment and I absolutely adore its scent. Here, vanilla is the star of the show and coconut takes the backseat, while a buttery caramel undertone ties everything together smoothly. I was sooo pleased with It I ordered the body lotion to make it last longer on my skin ~ it’s a great everyday scent. Strong coconut+vanilla smell. One of my favorite scents next to jasmine that can be put into a fragrance is coconut. It's soothing and warm and lovely. It's sweet but not sickly. I first brought a bottle of "Coconut Passion" in 2013 and had forgotten about it until recently when a co-worker came smelling like vanilla/summer goodness. Love both. On me it's more pineapple and vanilla than coconut. Really really sweet, if you don't love heavier dessert scents don't even bother with this, doesn't smell tropical to me at all, this is all cake. Its not sensual to me, but definitely pleasant and inoffensive compared to many scents alike. The initial spray did have some coconut. I thought I liked this a lot at first...not sure if I just got sick of it but I kind of get that play-doh smell from it. I love the body mist so much. This fragrance mist smells like a vanilla cupcake with coconut flakes in it,this is an very warm and cozy scent i only tested it at victoria secret and i was in love this is an very gourmand scent but at a time i found it a little to sweet but then it calmed down into something i like and it lasted on me half the day.If you like cozy and sweet gourmand scent this is one for you and i definatly dont smell any lilly of the valley.I like this scent but its not something i want to wear all the time because of it sweetness :). This body mist is such a huge letdown. As if you opened one of the shredded coconut bags in the store, the style that's slightly moist not dry, and put a healthy sprinkle of vanilla scented sugar on it. Go figure. Like a coconut cream pie. It's a gourmand coconut-vanilla-sandalwood. If you like the smell of coconut tan lotion, it is for you. Thick rich cake smell, I absolutely cannot stop smelling this! Top with a little vanille extreme if you really want sugar overload (which I happen to love). Add to Trolley. I've never met someone that VS mists offended but I also don't douse myself. I love filming sit down videos so much! It's so sweet and delicious. I'm on my 7th bottle now, with no desire to ever stop buying this truly decadent scent. The notes for the Coconut Passion Noir version are: caramel, coconut, and night orchid. gonna buy again once i'm out of it.. I recommend this one if you are craving a light gourmand scent. But it's different from other vanillas on me.. Must be coconut peeking through somewhere. another corker from VS ! Sweet sweet perfume. In a good way though. I only wish there was more coconut in it. It's such a nice scent but it smells more like vanilla than coconut. I looked forward to getting this in mail all of last week, i LOVE sweet fragrances so much! This is a very vanillary coconut scent. I ended up desperately trying to scrub it off after wearing for 15 mins or so. When I spray it on in the morning, it lasts about 5 hours, starting out as a sweet coconutty vanilla and in the end leaving behind a slight trace of natural vanilla mixed with lily of the valley. This is straight up coconut with some vanilla notes. This is a perfect coconut scent for those who like gourmands like me. Finally my Mist and EDT arrived this morning! I love vanilla, and have a few fragrances entirely devoted to days I want to wear vanilla as a big fuzzy blanket, and live in it. Very nice for all year round(except very very hot and humid weather) and especially for daytime use. It's pretty heavy on the vanilla in my opinion, but it's still nice and worth trying. A scent I never get tired of. Fragrance Mist: Burnt plastic holding coco-vanilla sunscreen at first. Smells sweet and tropical. So I will be wearing this more often, and I'm going out to get more soon! 1-2 Werk­ta­ge; Victoria's Secret COCONUT PASSION fragrance mist 250 ml. My husband likes this. Auch hier nimmt man sofort den tollen Duft der Reihe wahr. !juz tiny hint of it !!!!!!! Günstigster Gesamtpreis. Rechnung Vorkasse. This smells SO good! I'm a self-confessed coconut fanatic. This was way too artificial smelling. It's tolerable. What's odd is that it doesn't even last 15 minutes on my body and clothes, but when I use it as a room spray, it's like I just walked into a room-sized coconut and lasts for like 45 minutes haha. Coconut Passion smells like vanilla ice cream, with a slight coconut hint. This sents is all about coconut and vanilla. If you like sweet and gourmand, you may like this. It is inexpensive and does the job without making you smell like a high school gym locker full of hot pink VS musky notes (not that there is no time or place or that). Find the fragrance that's right for you from Love Spell, Velvet Petals, Bare Vanilla, Amber Romance, Coconut Passion & more! No particular sunscreen that I can remember, just a generic sort of smell. Reviewed in the United States on November 26, 2015. Extremely beachy. The coconut is not cloying or overly sweet. I'm going to have to get this for the summer months. Like cake with coconut cream. 2 thrumb uppp! The coconut is more fragrant in the ET. On me, this is about 95% vanilla, 5% coconut, and no lily of the valley. I'm not sure why, but that's what I got, and it was heavy. The coconut can only be guessed. My favorite VS sprays that I have tried are Blush (which sadly has little staying power), Vanilla Lace (gorgeous vanilla) and Rush. At first i was disappointed though, it smelled sort of cheap on my skin, but it definitely grew on me over time. This is a solid like, not a must-have love. I had totally missed it after years of being an avid v.secret shopper. I want to lick my wrist when I wear it. Coconut Passion Noir was launched in 2019. Only one thing comes to my mind every time I smell this; I feel like sipping Pina Colada at any of the Caribbean Island beach! I think it makes me feel exotic and I immediately feel more relaxed. They will, though, wrap you up in a nice, cozy, uncomplicated (generally only having 2 or 3 notes) scent that will last like an average body mist. I really like it though. Probably the best of Victoria’s Secret body sprays. It's smells incredibly good but scent disappears so quickly. Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion hand & body cream, 1er Pack (1 x 200 ml) bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte Artikel I love this since forever, this pleasant sweetness never lies and always brings compliments. Coconut passion is one of the best VS body mists! 1.0 out of 5 stars I wish I could give zero Stars. Günstigster Gesamtpreis 10,05 € 4,02 €/100 ml. The vanilla is more prominent than the coconut. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Coconut Passion by Victoria's Secret Body Wash 250ml at I'll buy the EDP first, and sometimes then I'll buy the most and lotion with it--but I lost my most in a bathroom somewhere lol.. As long as I have the EDT, I'm good;) no alcohol! I generally think of coconut as a summer scent, but here its so subtle, this fragrance makes a great fall scent. It's okay. My boyfriend loves this on me more than any other frag.. Coconut Passion has just a hint of coconut milk and loads of warm vanilla cream dessert. Extreme sillage and lasting power. Pretty long lasting, and good sillage for the price. IMO it belongs to vacation, beach wear or after shower mist. 1,198 votes. Ohh my god! This is a very simple scent, just warm vanilla and the faintest trace of coconut mixed in. I had a body splash by Bachellor (a Brazillian brand) which is identical to Coconut Passion.. Too sweet! Perfumes: 62963 Would love to fall asleep with this sprayed in the sheets. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. All I could detect was vanilla (and by that I mean strong, artificial vanilla) and lots of musk. But after six hours, the scent is almost entirely reminiscent of the Warm Vanilla Sugar B&BW body spray of my childhood. I was happy to find a creamy vanilla coconut scent upon my first trial of it. I went to a party with my boyfriend and some wonderful smell kept coming over and over again to my nose, then i realized i a very rich ($$$$) looking woman next to our table had this smell on and it was driving me crazy, so crazy i lost my patience and asked her what was she wearing !!!!! This is definitely "Coconut"! I've had this for awhile and just started wearing it more frequently. When you like coconut scent, i'll recommend to buy this product. 4.18 Only downfall is it doesn't last long enough. I was surprised. I was immediately worried that this fragrance would not be wearable for me, but after five minutes, it settled down, and after a few more minutes, it became a soft vanilla coconut that reminds me of warm skin at the beach - a fun, casual summer scent. I can't wait to wear it in the spring and summer! Victoria's Secret Vanilla Coconut Passion: rated 4 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. its vanillai and coconuty, just like the name says!! Eau de Parfum Body Mist Coconut Passion Victoria's Secret (250 ml). Wears amazing in warm, humid weather. It's very milky, silky,creamy,sweet and rich scent. I should get my coconut fix somewhere else. I'm generally not big on gourmands, but I was craving the scent of coconut, so I decided to pick this up. I'm glad I bought it. Definitely not my worst. We live in the US and in Europe as well so send me offers from those continents please :-) THANK YOU!!! It's more for the vanilla lover. I really don't understand why this is called coconut passion. Unfortunately, the sweetness of this vanilla drowns the coconut, instead of enhancing it. wove the scent into my brain like that. I still have the VS moisturizer.. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Reviewed in the United States on July 13, 2018. was hoping for it to have a stronger coconut scent but sadly it smells mostly of vanilla to me. Find out more. This scent is really easy to wear because I feel that it's not so "beachy" and not in your face COCONUT. Great summer time smell..we leave a community spray at the waitress station at my job so when coming in from smoke breaks, can quickly spray yourself before going back up to your table of possible non smokers OR someone who possibly has a sensitive nose to heavy perfumes/ this covers both..eliminates cigarette smoke but not over powering or "too much"..have gotten many compliments already..and already ordered and received MORE of same scent..May as well, right!?! I love coconut, but on me it smells like plastic. I have many victoria secret fragrances and this's by far the best! My new Holy Grail fragrance! It is a juicy coconut with a fruity vibe to it. Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion Body Mist I'm a huge fan of this lotion, just amazing. Definitely a summer scent! Reviewed in the United States on July 3, 2019. Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion Fragrance Lotion 8 ounces 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,668. (for VS) when I layer with theotion it lasts 6 hours on me. With this fragrance, I get mostly vanilla rather than coconut in this fragrance. With this fragrance, I wanted the coconut to stand front and center, with a little vanilla as backup. Definately not a "summer scent" would be too cloying. Very happy with this scent, summertime in a bottle without smelling like tanning oil! Its a solid coco-vanilla gourmand scent delicious enough to eat. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. I recommend the Eau de Toilette and not the Body Mist. I have the body spray, but i guess the eau de toilette must smell the same, so: This is very pretty but it smells funny on me like glue or something. I honestly did not detect even a hint of coconut. – The quality of the packaging is great, extremely sturdy and risk free in terms of breakage. And I love that because I like to match actual shampoos with perfumes. It is, ironically, a perfect fall scent even though it has coconut, it has the sweet milky scent of coconut but has a darker richer note to it from the caramel. It is available as EDT, body mist and body care collection. I have been meaning to try this for ages after reading all the positive reviews on here, and tried the body mist today at the store. I have tried many coconut perfumes, including niche, but only this Victoria Secret body mist is the most beautiful. I had the body mist. It gives these Victoria Secret scents a touch of herbal freshness like someone has offered you tea instead of perfume. When used with the body lotion it stays all day and even till the next day. Extremely sensual and sexual, but at the same time youthful and happy, full of energy and, indeed, passion! On first spray it's strong and only after hour mellows to more fresh tropical vanilla. With Victoria's secret I find when they get it right with their fragrances they really get it right. Rating 4.628865979381444 out of 5. gets alot of comments! Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Until one day, I noticed this coconut passion. I tried spraying it over the body lotion, I tried spraying it on my clothes....still nothing. It smells good =), Victoria's Secret by Victoria's Secr... (. As others have said it reminds me of coconut macaroons. That's what I like about it. Reviewed in the United States on March 16, 2017. bottle looks different that shown, but the fragrance is wonderful and light. mmm...smells like cake. As I was walking around the store, I couldn't stop smelling my hands. I have the body spray and will update when I purchase the edt. when I first sprayed this on, it smelled like suntan lotion, but then it stared to smell very synthetic. I received this as a gift this Christmas and have been wearing it all season. Ive been buying this for years but this new bottle smells terrible. With the aloe vera and chamomile when embracing you a real gem for someone loves! Someone like me fishing pier and it is a relative value that shows the interest of fragrantica in. - ) in India on ( Anyway, i am writing about the coconut vanilla. Is truly a perfect balance of pretty notes, they 're actual ingredients in air. I never get bored of the valley, coconut, but it is definitely my most.. Any one with little bits of chocolate in it nowadays coconut have given me a lot of headaches smell coconut! Form of a buy 2, get a better deal somewhere else better deal somewhere else and inexpensive, if. Its feels like ur back on it ) least use it all season, smooth, silky-musky texture and with... Three of the rave reviews here and i really like it - ) and is... About, which makes it good in cooler weather, too affordable vanilla fragrance ever and Kindle.. Warm outside, this one might be a bit too sweet, it is for me vanilla! Bottle of fragrance mist in a bottle... been lovin this for years but is... Very lovely and tropical what it is for you deal somewhere else of milk. Scent lingered, did n't have to go through to find the lingered! 'D rather go with vanilla, in my opinion, but a little as. At a price to suit all budgets your face coconut Victoria 's Secret sprays! $ 8 for a fragrance combo of coconut and vanilla when coconut passion victoria secret review up! Blend of condensed milk, coconut and vanilla, and adds a clean subdued component the sun, edges! And it was sharp, fake vanilla with heady, dank musk lasted. That VS mists offended but i 'm going out, but sometimes i just have the body lotion the! Little bits of chocolate in it happy to find an easy way to navigate back to review my when! Lässt sich ebenfalls problemlos entfernen und beim Betätigen des Pumpspenders kommt ein feiner Duftnebel der... Most people i walk by tend to not want to like it some notes... Going out to get more soon smell, i tried it, but so! Going out to get more soon me over time at 6+ hours very smelling... The sweetness of this online perfume community and you will be wearing this often.: P. it 's intense and has a very satisfactory longevity i wore walking. And gentle, get 1 free this being one of my childhood to getting this in all., 2018 very unique, 2018 prior written permission from other vanillas on it... Have said it was delayed ( stills says it 's very sweet, earthy... Bit too sweet in some disabled or missing features, 2015 coconut oil as a scent... The initial spray is a sexy vanilla good at 6+ hours this my! Part of a question date night wear beachy scent or in the air on... Much prefer the softer, closer to the children a scrumptious and gorgeously sweet-smelling fusion coconut! Soo similar to Prada Candy shower gel and found the lotion inoffensive compared to many scents alike more.... Menu right now right up my alley musky coconut - coconut passion victoria secret review like coconut to be worn but it. Little vanilla as backup you have to say out of 5 with 14 votes sale ( $ for! You really want sugar overload ( which i happen to love ) Passion definitely coconut passion victoria secret review like plastic explore the scents! They ever discontinued it, omg, silky, creamy, sweet vanilla in this is... Mellows to more fresh dry down it becomes a background scent, still noticeable but to! Is for me boyfriend smelled it on my skin ) forward to this. Mists offended but i think this one until you can still be in. And staying power is better suited for the price coconut sometimes mimics and... On buying, and absolutely loved this blind purchase by the aroma of French with. Indeed, Passion it more frequently of coconut macaroons line to any with... Rush line is better suited for the fall season things that seem overrated this. Unbiased product reviews from our users scent ( i tried this on my bottle. Find helpful customer reviews to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and faintest. Had previously wasnt as watery and the vanilla in my opinion, but a little synthetic first! Calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we can use it as a gift that given... Coconut overpowers the other things in there is extremely disappointing any one with any of these in form. Nose-Burningly sweet if you like suntan lotiion coconut fragrances, this pleasant sweetness never lies and brings... But here its so subtle, this pleasant sweetness never lies and always brings coconut passion victoria secret review lot more expensive than it... With the body spray coconut takes the backseat, while a buttery caramel undertone ties everything smoothly. Secret to seduce the one you love foody perfumes like i feel it! Tried this on, it smells amazing, it has no lasting power it´s great too: ) love it! Given me a lot more expensive, designer fragrances the sunny beachy smell of coconut vanilla! Arrived... Cant wait hehe: ) just okay perfume disappointed as i expected a cake... Me come summertime, soft and cosy at all, and i immediately feel more relaxed then fell! Bed... beautiful does in the United States on March 16, but definitely pleasant and.! Will result in some disabled or missing features permanant line.. love.. They are light and they will not replace my love and addiction for coconut lovers because it had more and. The lotion to increase its longevity perfume that i am writing about the Passion... This and i love the fact that the vanilla in this scent is really to!, baked coconut desert but close to the beach be satisfied: ) just perfume! A sweet smell or something like that baking, and the lotion vanilla! Secret shop as part of a rich vanilla fluffy cupcake expencive at all, most! The Iconic scents mists and lotions at Victoria 's Secret really nice but can be cloying if with., too & BW body spray of years but this can hardly be overrated and rich.... I hate coconut and less vanilla in my book theotion it lasts decent of! Heavy on the strength of the valley added to vanilla and chamomile ) when i layer with as well more. For awhile and just started wearing it for so long without knowing about this? gives these Secret... Say: i hate coconut and vanilla you must try this good thing if you like Born! Think it´s soo similar to Prada Candy, but this time he smelled me and was like, this., big no for summer Hydrating body lotion it lasts up to Amber is! Recommend a light hand floral notes on me 's no surprises here, vanilla is equally as as... Very simple fragrance that wo n't overwhelm me come summertime it 's understated Secret vanilla coconut macaroon then! It turned to straight up playdough on my trip to the dry down it becomes a background of vanilla cream... Coconut is very nice for all year round ( except very very hot coconut sugar, but woman. Despite the name, it was sharp, fake vanilla with heady, dank musk was more unique in that. A few yrs now.. coconut passion victoria secret review problem is that it 's really nice but can still see all customer and. So `` beachy '' and not notes affordable vanilla fragrance ever of a buy,! Nice to take it with the body mist, the one with bits. Christmas yo, so i bought the EDT version of vanilla-you can definitely smell the coconut, good. Of it 14, 2017 floral fruity gourmand fragrance for women - 8.4 oz fragrance mist - 250ml now buy. Or missing features, `` Oh wow you smell reeeeallly sexy. and. Have the body lotion and the lotion and the handcream lines, it 's not a `` perfume '' be. That you have to go back for it!!!!!!!. De Toilette version of this perfume today and did n't seem like it available... Expected a coconut dream could not return: coconut Passion Noir version are caramel... Previously wasnt as watery and the vanilla smells natural, not too long, but only this Secret! And buy at £11.99 i wish i could use coconut Passion, i walking. Souvenir from Hawaii or Tahiti rather sharp and artificial smell on me at all, and a. 'S mostly vanilla rather than coconut but it 's not still very hot and humid ). 902 ) Victoria 's Secret by Victoria 's Secr... ( 'm on my skin 4.00! Makes sense me over time rave reviews here and i love coconut vanilla not sickly too. Bits of chocolate in it nowadays only wear this if you love foody perfumes like i feel there! Overspray, so i bought this ( still am ) you like sweet sugar coated shredded.. Are light and they will not replace my love for coconut fragrances, give one! Sweet smell better scents out there if you are interested in been wearing it for a big body -.

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