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The more expensive brands of steamers will have preset timers and controls for different types of rice. Place your hot dogs in the rice cooker (do not use the steamer basket). We found that cooking sticky rice in a bamboo steamer gave us the best results as well as being the traditional way. Tag me with #TASTYTHAIEATS – I love to see your ideas! For 4 people, you’ll need 1 1/2 cups of raw rice. Add rice, butter, and a large pinch of salt. Close the lid of the cooker, plug the cooker in, and press the switch to turn it on. 3. foods that expand while cooking (like beans) 4. foods with large amounts of oil Cover the rice cooker and turn it on. Steam the rice. Ensure the bowl you will use to cook will sit nicely in the ring without the bottom of the bowl sitting below the bottom of your foil ring when it is seated. You'll want to make sure your steamer is working correctly before cooking for friends or family by testing it out. See the image in Method 1 above. The bottom of the cooking bowl must not touch the bottom of the pan and preferably should be above the top of the water. When you see steam holes, remove the rice from the microwave and cover the top of your dish with a microwave-safe lid or plastic wrap. Allow the rice to cook for about 20 minutes. Rice is pretty tolerant of cooking time so 25-30 minutes is the norm unless you are cooking parboiled (partially pre-cooked) rice out of a packet – again not our preference at all! I really hope you enjoy this dish and if you cook it I would love to hear your comments below so please come back and let me know how it turned out for you. is an Amazon Associate and earns from qualifying purchases without any cost to you at all. You can add your own seasonings and herbs and freeze individual portions to use in rice steamer recipes later. You can cook all kinds of rice and other grains in your steamer. If you’ve ever dumped a cup or two of rice in a saucepan, added water and turned on the heat to let it cook, then you’ve probably looked in dismay at the burnt rice left in the bottom of the saucepan. You will have heard of the ‘ancient chinese’ secret method of adding enough water so that the water surface above the top of the rice comes up to your first finger joint. Simply measure out the amount of rice that you need. It is important to follow the ratio of rice to liquid on the packet for the rice to cook properly. If using a steamer simply assemble the steamer, add water to the reservoir and turn the steamer on with the rice … Black and Decker steamer rice cookers are easy … Soak the rice in cold water for several hours or overnight to help it to steam-cook faster. Anyway, just decide how many cups to cook – 1 cup of raw rice will give 2 medium sized servings of cooked rice – measure out the quantity you want and put the raw rice in the rice cooker bowl. It’s a sprouted rice blend so it’s speedy to cook even with brown rice. If using an electric steamer this takes just a couple of minutes so you can put the bowl of rice in and cover and set your timer for 33 minutes to cook. If your pan is a bit shallow you may need to top up part-way through the process which is perfectly fine – just check as you are steaming from time to time. Steamer rice cookers take the guesswork out of traditional methods while providing a healthy way to prepare rice and vegetables. Depending on the type of steamer, the rice may be cooked along with the liquid or the liquid is separate from the rice. Bring a pot of about 3 inches of water to a boil. You need less water to cook it, which makes steaming a better option than a pot of simmering water. Brown rice is whole grain, high-fiber, and less-processed, and is therefore preferred by most health conscious people. You will have to cook the rice up to about 50 mins, so you should plan accordingly. Bamboo Basket . A Foolproof Method for Cooking Sticky Rice. The taste and texture is chewier and nutty but the benefits are extremely beneficial. If you will be steaming a particularly small grain of rice, line the steamer basket with cheesecloth to prevent the grains from slipping through the holes in the steamer. Fill the base of your steamer to the line indicated in your steamer's instructions. Rice cookers origination goes back to Japan in the 1950’s era and it was made by Toshiba. If using a pan then add water and bring to the boil then remove from the heat to add the bowl with rice and water. A food steamer is a more robust and versatile kitchen appliance than you may imagine. For example Asian rice varieties usually have a rice to liquid ratio of 1 to 1 to 1.25-parts liquid. Add the correct amount of water to the rice. It will not get perfectly clear but clear enough to easily see through is good enough. Black and Decker steamer rice cookers are easy … Fill steamer with water to the high mark. #goodfoodrealresults. Rice steamers are the preferred way to cook rice, even in Japan, and any rice steamer will do the trick when cooking rice. This is not the case with risotto rice by the way! Add about 1 cup of water to the rice cooker; more water will need to be added if you are cooking more than one packet of hot dogs. When the rice is fully cooked, let it stand for 5-10 minutes before fluffing it with a spoon or fork. Whether using an electric steamer or pan, once the time is up, remove your pot of cooked rice and transfer immediately into a second bowl, fluffing it up as you do so to release any trapped steam. Cook the rice in the rice cooker. Epicure Omelet in steamer. All you need to know: The rice cooker has digital inputs that cook soup, poultry, grains, rice, among others. To cook rice in a bamboo steamer, you’ll need to soak it in water first to remove some of the starch. Fluff up with a fork when you take the rice out into your serving bowl or individaual plates. You also need to check that the pot will fit in your pan, steamer, etc., with enough space for the cover to fit. Make sure that the rice … Bamboo steamers are a healthy way to cook food without losing flavor, shape, color and nutrients. Note that some larger rice cookers have a minimum of two cups of dry rice! You can also cook vegetables as well. A food steamer is a more robust and versatile kitchen appliance than you may imagine. Put the rice steamer with the rice into the mouth of the steamer pot making sure that the water is well clear of the bottom of the steamer. Put the lid on your rice cooker and turn it on. Select the correct program as your machine will likely have several ones for different types of rice and other things to cook, then press the On button. If you do not have a saucepan or pot specifically made for steaming, grab a length of tin foil and roll it up into something resembling a long wrinkled sausage. You will see the red "Cook" light illuminate. Sorrels has a degree in computer science and is currently working on his journalism degree. Aroma Housewares ARC-150SB Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer; Price: $ 36.99; Again, Aroma Housewares did it. Cooking sticky rice in a bamboo steamer basket provides a natural way to cook rice without losing flavor, nutrients, shape, and color. It has been used for millennia, with the earliest known examples dating back to ancient China in 5000 B.C., where they were used to cook rice. The Best Rice Cooker Steamer BaskeTs, Pots, and Serving Containers. Learn how to cook farro in a rice cooker for a simple yet healthy dinner! Insert the steamer into the pot. Some people suggest soaking for one hour, and some suggest soaking it overnight. Rice is predominantly starch and any successful method for cooking white rice involves thorough washing first. Cover, setting the lid askew if it is the type of lid without ventilation holes. Bring a pot of about 3 inches of water to a boil. The steamer basket will looks like a funnel. Copyright © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd., all rights reserved. If your lid has vents just put it in place. The switch will click, like a toaster, when the rice is done. It’s just easier – trust me! Links disclosure: Some links on this page go to affiliate partners where, without cost to you, we may receive a commission if you make a purchase. If you have a rice cooker then you’ll find it the easiest route to perfect steamed rice cooking once you have done it a couple of times. To wash the rice, simply pour the rice into a bowl with water. Some people suggest soaking for one hour, and some suggest soaking it overnight. Once the oil is hot, add some rice and stir it until it turns white and is no longer translucent. Explore the best cook rice in a steamer from trusted manufacturers at exciting prices. Rice Cooker / Steamer NHS-06/10/18. Add more water for Jasmine or Basmati rice, such as 3 cups water to 2 cups rice. Apart from getting rid of the excess starch, dust, and dirt by washing, you also need to ensure the rice has enough water to absorb and to be cooked through. You're Here: Home » Recipes » Steamed & Braised. However, there are rice recipes that uses other liquids such as stock, wine, juice or a combination of two or more of these liquid types. Cook the rice. To cook rice in the microwave, you’ll start with a microwave-safe container, raw rice (like basmati, jasmine, or sushi rice). Rice cooker is an electronic device that consumes very little energy and can be used for either boiling rice or steaming it. Rice Cooker or Steamer or Deep Pan with cover. Then, add twice as much water as rice you're cooking and bring it to a boil. How to cook rice in the microwave. Turn the heat back on until the water is simmering and put the cover on. Put the rice in the vegetable steamer. Add the correct amount of water to the rice. Unlike boiling or frying, the cooking technique locks in the food's nutrients. You can steam a variety of foods in a bamboo steamer, including rice. Steaming the rice is a great cooking method because the steam cooks more gently than boiling in water which tends to clump the rice together into a sticky mess not to mention burning it becasue of the very hot pan bottom. Cooking rice … NEWS & INFO. Most rice cookers will continue to keep the rice heated properly without drying out for several hours after the rice is cooked giving you a lot of versatility on timing to serve. Set the timer for 33 minutes. Or maybe taken the rice out early and found hard because it’s uncooked, or added too much water and ended up with wet rice or overcooked it and found it mushy. I am a Thai mum and love cooking for my children. Transfer teh cooked rice into a second bowl, fluffing the cooked rice with a fork as you transfer in order to release trapped steam and separate the rice grains. Adjust the size of the ring across to suit. Some resources suggest soaking black rice for multiple hours ahead of time. I tend to buy and use rice within about 6 months at most (very old rice can be quite ‘dry’, requiring a touch more liquid and often longer cooking times). Add rice, butter, and a large pinch of salt. With your washed and drained rice in the heatproof bowl add one cup of water for each cup of dry rice you measured before washing. You will need to ensure you have a heatproof bowl of some description, a supply of water to produce steam, a means to suspend the bowl above the water surface and a cover to trap the steam. In a medium saucepan over medium heat, bring water to a boil. Microwave the rice … With your dedicated steaming pot or DIY version, add water and bring to a boil. Wait a few moments for the water to turn a milky color, then pour out the water. Check the instructions for your model. To cook rice in a bamboo steamer, you’ll need to soak it in water first to remove some of the starch. This helps hold in the moisture and keeps the rice in the bamboo container. The second and more important benefit is that you can cook the rice in advance and your rice cooker will keep it happily warmed and perfect until you come to use it.

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