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The most important thing to note is that cutting your spending rate is much more powerful than increasing your income. The way I’ve gone about it is to project out my income, living expenses, savings amount and expected growth rates (both ultra-conservative and conservative). After that, more investing:, tunesmith Free Money Minute I saved 60% of my net income for the full year of 2011, which puts me on a 12 year trajectory…exactly what I had figured. I think that the $1,000,000 goal is solid for my current lifestyle. Bullseye If you think you are hardcore enough to handle Maximum Mustache, feel free to start at the first article and read your way up to the present using the links at the bottom of each article. Penny, Mr. Money Mustache Ok, the markets have come back, but it took five years and the interest rates are way down. jlcollinsnh In fact, if you structure it right, and live a low cost lifestyle, you can withdraw it all effectively tax free. If you drew this “savings rate” story into a graph, it would not be a straight line, it would be nice curved exponential graph, like this: Working years vs. Savings Rate (screenshot from But potential medical expenses do scare me a bit – just wanted to hear your thoughts on that specifically. Especially since when you look at my historical graph of APY rates, most of my data points are below 3.83% (over the last 20 years, times have generally been worse than right now). Wow, that 3.4% inflation number did surprise me for 2011. Each one worth less than 0.5% of my income, but together they’ll help me avoid +5yrs of work! Where I live the credit cards don’t offer almost anything in return, so I don’t use them, as they really have no value. You will draw down your non-sheltered accounts until you can start drawing from the sheltered accounts and then balance your withdrawals between the 2 based on tax advantages. (My overall tax rate was less than 5% last year). Perhaps MR MM could have been clearer on this point. Hi Chris.. I’d start by maxing out 401(K) instead of having the money stagnate in an after-tax savings account. I haven’t looked myself, but for most profitable businesses, this is nowhere near 3% – it’s more like 8% or higher. My plan is to retire in 10 years at 42. Bullseye The trick is not to let lifestyle inflation nail you when your kids are getting off your dime, your mortgage is paid off, etc. Sounds like you’re off to a fabulous start! To compare that to a comparable rate in the market, you compare it to a t-bill. All valid points, and you demonstrate my argument. If anyone has a better tool that can do the same calculation for a stream, let us know. Money Mustache has since garnered a massive, cult-like following at his blog, where he dishes out early-retirement wisdom to his "Mustachian" readers. Financial independence and early retirement are two terms for the same concept: You’ve saved enough money that — in theory – you shouldn’t ever have to work for income again…unless you want to. February 19, 2014, 9:26 am. ;-), John Cheever Does anyone else have information that can confirm or deny this? But the bottom line is you CAN tap 401k / IRA money before 59 1/2 without penalty. That’s tens of thousands more for 529 plans, trust funds, personal investments, etc. jlcollinsnh The drop-down box with 70% in it did not even offer a value lower than 40%. For the US and 401K/IRAs, you need to look at rule 72t which allow you to take early distributions:, Reduced expenses are exactly the same as tax free dividends! I currently save/invest half of my take home pay, which is awesome and I calculate I will in fact reach that $1,000,000 mark in ten years. This is especially true because mortgage interest is deductible. I hear you on not wanting to miss out on the company match. qhartman Most health insurance plans in the US have out of pocket maximums around $10k per year. Note that with these numbers, if you're saving less than 20% take-home pay, you're basically committing to a future of no retirement, and working for the rest of your life. For most people, this occurs at a traditional retirement age, if at all. January 13, 2012, 12:23 pm. That is just a theory to get you intrigued in all these mysteries, that many people are unaware of, or will not ever question. Why? right now I only have the money in saving account getting 3%p.a. Thanks a million (maybe literally) for the inspiration! If you subtract inflation, that would be 3.83% . But my current balance shows as $10,000, or more than double the account value after adding money in March. Here’s one simple-to-use S&P return calculator on someone else’s blog: This is great! Thanks Russell! For example, say I built a $200k stock portfolio that had an average yield of 5% (easy at current prices, even with blue chips), and then purchased a $200k rental property with cash that yielded 7.5% after all costs (easy to do in the US right now, but also possible in certain Canadian cities like Hamilton or Kitchener). I’m not defending our system, and I agree that you shouldn’t underestimate the cost savings for healthcare, but don’t overestimate it either. Author Topic: retirement calculators questions (Read 3138 times) partgypsy. Also, if you are in the accumulation phase, 2008 did not matter because you were not selling shares, you were buying them as aggressively as possible right? To me, not having to do that is such a huge standard of living increase that it’s hard to find many other sacrifices that aren’t more than offset by that. Really, there has to be consideration for the lifestyle required after retirement in determining the saving level. Early retirement is now 50% simpler than it was even this morning! To put my personal financial situation in perspective, I’m part of the middle class of a society in which 1/3 of the population earns about 1 USD a day. He really opened my eyes to a very different possibility, one that is very in sync with our values in this home, and one which will be a reality way before I’m 64. that if judiciously used can result in strengthening families. I have the exact same question! The only catch is you’ll pay income tax on any withdrawals. The 3 Best Free Retirement Calculators (173,435) The Best Retirement Calculators (160,520) Choosing a Compact RV or Camper for Retirement Travel (109,741) Hello, I’m Not Mr. Money Mustache (70,053) Getting a Mortgage When You Have Assets But No Income (52,652) One Solution for Cheaper Retirement Travel: A Small RV (49,825) we can all do much better with much less and be much happier stewards of our planet! So when you hear a habitable Earth like planet is 22 light years to 5,000,000 light years away, don’t rule out traveling to it! I realize SOME people’s salary would be more directly market sensitive (independent contractors, restaurant employees/owners, etc), but I dispute your implying that this would affect “most” people. I take $1,000,000 x 5% (income produced from nest egg) and get $50,000. Do you really think over 8% ROI is a conservative assumption for a portfolio? If that’s the case, then lower earnings during market downturns would not offset your advantage of a higher salary with which to invest overall (and therefore easier to save a higher % of your income). Makes you want to go into banking doesn’t it… :) It’s obviously very complicated like MMM said, but the simple idea that banks create money with loans (and in other ways) is something we all need to be aware of, since this is fundamental reason the financial crisis is so extreme. What isn’t addressed is the lifestyle after retirement. Hello, i'm not mr money mustache. I appreciate the input…. However, my net tax rate (all income-related taxes/CPP/EI, no sales taxes) for the last few years has floated around 16%. .. even better is the fact that I actually have a good portion rental real estate right now.. which yields much more and will soon exceed 8% annually after expenses and after inflation (and many of your fellow readers are in the same boat)! Show assumptions *Avg Household Savings Rates (2008) Sources: OECD, IMF. To add to your comment, I’m a fan of FIREcalc (, and it’s amazing to see what a powerful effect your spending has on the calculation. That’s my company’s match so I don’t want to miss out on any money there and I’ll still be putting 12% away for when I hit the magic age to pull it out tax/penalty-free. You don’t have to be “all in” or be in total agreement to apply these principles. An MMM-Recommended Bonus as of August 2020: If you have a mortgage or student loans, the current lowest interest rates in history (like mortgages for 2.9%!) The real point of early retirement here isn’t that you stop working if you enjoy doing so, it’s that you reach a point where you can make such decisions without having to consider the finances. My first son came 10 weeks early and easy would have cost us over $500,000 in the US (two rounds of brain surgry). “In 2016 we attended Camp Mustache and Chautauqua where we decided to leave our fancypants jobs and build the Mr Money Mustache App for the Mustachian community. I know the stats on how people can’t reliably beat the market, and how it’s unreasonable for anyone to expect they can beat the market year in and year out. And remember too, the more you save into RRSPs, the lower your net tax rate becomes. I’m trying to find one, but there seems to be nothing about that on the site. But if you use Mint or otherwise track your expenses properly, you can just use that figure. Mr. Money Mustache retired in his early thirties and has recently emerged as one of the most inspiring personal finance authors in cyberspace. This only works for high bracket families, but think about it this way… Say you are in the 33% bracket. I am wondering, do we count in the contributions our employers put into retirement accounts for us toward the percentage we are saving? He had actually been retired for six years before he started writing. Gives you more flexibility and optionality. The market is different than it was thirty years ago. It is volatile and automated, and trading programs chase each other up and down the board. His name is Pete. Two points that drive me nuts about the bulk of retirement calculators. I’ve made some plans on my savings to achieve a 62% rate, but whether it will work out, that may be a different story. Here’s the other thing, from June 1993 to November 2012, inflation went up 59.43% Yearly, that is 2.45% APY. I also worked while in college and managed to get through debt-free. We probably just need more cushion. You will still have to earn more than $10000 to actually have $10000 to spend (on anything). Maybe that will require you to work longer than you think you need to. I guess that means save more than you think you will need and spend less than you think you can. His goal is nothing short of a complete revolution of society, although continuing to run … It says that you have to add back any deductions to your take home pay. Really great that the IRS has created a loop hole in order for people to access their accounts. I agree 100% with the basic premise, but doesn’t this assume that expenses are fixed and not variable. They can estimate how much to save, how much is withdrawable, and how long savings can last in retirement. your lifetime is a sufficiently long term to reach quite close to an average like that. I make everyone assume that they will never get a raise. I’m not sure I’d go that far. Does this sound reasonable? My point is, I want to use the money while I am alive to help in ways I can see. The unstated assumption here is that your cost of living before retirement is satisfactory after retirement. January 13, 2012, 8:55 am. My experience in having five children is that even though I didn’t want to believe it, they do get more expensive. The OAS clawback is not really an issue most Mustachians would worry about, I imagine, as it doesn’t begin until $67k annual income in retirement. (Plus you can still save a substantial portion of that pension income and re-invest it into index funds, creating a rapidly rising income for life). “A recent reader posting suggested creating some “square one” plans that tell various hypothetical people in different walks of life exactly what to do to get to a nice retirement partytime in 10 years.”. But once it’s paid off, you have permanently wiped out the largest expense in most people’s lives. Use our retirement calculator to determine if you will have enough money to enjoy a happy and secure retirement. Choosing a Compact RV or Camper for Retirement Travel. A share may indeed one day pay dividends that are 8.7% of what you paid for it originally, but the ratio of dividend to (current) share price is actually semi-stable in the long run. Almost everyone in the FIRE movement has heard of Mr Money Mustache. Honey, enjoy work today…I will be at home managing your $1,000,000. That said, your plans should include getting and continuing with your education. well what about 2001-2007? The numbers are less attractive though. Yes! I consider myself financially saavy and am pretty frugal (ok…cheap). (*) Taking the 72t forces you to continue taking distributions even if you no longer need the income– say because you had an unusually good year due to a side job/project. Early Retirement Extreme;; Go Curry Cracker! If you make $50/hr at work, doing something that saves you $10/hr is just as powerful at a 80% savings rate. I’m firmly on track to hit (or exceed) these calculator goals. June 4, 2012, 10:31 am. 1. A 30-year treasury doesn’t even beat 3% right now. Excitedly, I think I actually might be well ahead of my retirement track if I take on a few more of your suggestions. Hate to be pedant but I ran the numbers and found that your explanation of how to calculate savings rate is a teeny bit misleading given there are all of these tax advantaged savings accounts out there. Here’s how many years you will have to work for a range of possible savings rates, starting from a net worth of zero: It’s quite amazing, especially at the less Mustachian end of the spectrum. Student loans click here ($300 bonus for MMM readers!). THEN, try to tell me you are still afraid to quit your job. In part 2, I discuss where I want my early retirement accounts to end up POST FIRE. I think RRSPs are better suited for early retirees than “traditional” ones. Lots to think about. Mr. Money Mustache didn’t retire because he was making so much money from his blog. By my own quick calculations, it’s a drop in the bucket added to a larger salary of the one working spouse, and only brings retirement one year closer. In addition, the Internet presents us with retirement calculators, competing opinions from a million financial advisors and financial doomsayers, unpredictable inflation, and a wide distribution of income and spending patterns between readers. Hi Unattentive, thanks for the question, many people are probably wondering the same thing! Thanks in advance. Historically, that’s usually a good sign that economic growth is about to go ABOVE AVERAGE for a few years. Since most people will include a mix of bonds in their portfolio, the expected return on the whole portfolio only goes lower. The following table lists average costs.”. Can’t you set up a safe “death date” like 100 years or so? Dividend yield growth can not keep up with inflation if you are spending the yield each year. For more casual sampling, have a look at this complete list of all posts since the beginning of time or download the mobile app. Not sure if I’ll use the exact Vanguard funds that MMM is always raving about – I need to do more research there – but I like the idea of a low-fee fund. The Medicine of Mustachianism (a guest post from Marla), No, You Didn’t Just Lose Half Of Your Retirement Savings,,, children’s and grandchildren’s university education ($100,000 per child), children’s and grandchildren’s weddings ($25,000), assisted care facilities ($100,000 per year). If you think you are hardcore enough to handle Maximum Mustache, feel free to start at the first article and read your way up to the present using the links at the bottom of each article. I think it’s worth focusing more on getting to retirement than worrying about differences in the exact expenses when you get there. OMG! Does FIRE Make Life Harder? Others, like Mr. Money Mustache, achieve financial freedom at a very young age. Pete Adney, also known as Mr. Money Mustache, wrote a cornerstone article in 2012 titled The Shockingly Simple Math Behind Early Retirement. However, if you cut your spending so as to be able to contribute more, will you make your life less comfortable than you prefer? You said who can forget 2008? I plan to retire in a different state state that has no income tax and a 6% sales tax, but I can just buy most of my items across the border which I think is technically illegal but loads of people do it and it doesn’t seem to be monitored or enforced. I’ll get there, but it’s going to take time. “…if you can get 5% after inflation.” After tax? Yearly expenditures. Use our retirement calculator to determine if you will have enough money to enjoy a happy and secure retirement. Mr. Mustachio, great blog! That just slowed down my rate of savings INCREASES annually. To increase the savings rate to 21%, you could increase your income by $1,265 (holding spending constant) or decrease spending by $1,000 (holding income constant). January 18, 2013, 3:18 pm. Work provides many benefits that are not financial. Essentially just a bonus. House would be safety margin, and if not needed, go to kids. Should I stop putting so much into the 401(k) and instead pile it into my mutual fund account at Morgan Stanley? If you need some of the funds from your tax-deferred accounts, start doing SEPP and Roth conversions right now. Thanks for correcting me. Kudos for putting the spreadsheet out in OO format. Risk over 30 years can be spread out, not so with the 5 year. Mr. Money Mustache: All right, bye-bye. . – ignore the SWR altogether, and just build enough assets that pay income until that income hits my $25k. In scenario #2, we have a savings rate of 80% (spend $20k, save $80k). February 21, 2014, 12:51 am. Of course, if I didn’t get dirt cheap rent with my parents, I’d have to pay significantly more for rent if I stopped going to college or decided to move out before then. Both of these are workable problems, if you plan for it, though. Many of us have discovered that a simple life, with a few luxuries here and there, is far better than wasting cash on lattes and cable TV. In a worst case scenario when 10% of the population is unemployed, 90% still kept their jobs during a market downturn. MMM suggests 5% after inflation is a reasonable amount to expect from investment. The property does too. This is one of my favorite charts in the ERE book and I think it’s perfect for illustrating this. So the shares you had in 2007 have now fully recovered in price, in addition to the buying you did during that downturn has put you ahead. If I preserve my principle, I limit my income. I currently save 10% of my check to savings and another 5% goes into 401k. Loved this article. 20% is a lot less than having had paid 33% during your work years. One thing I would like to caution super-early retirees on is to allow some slack in your budget for increased health expenses as you get older. I am new to your blog, this my first day. 1. However, we also have a world record i taxation, which makes the savings rate perspective ever so relevant. I love this post and have never thought about what I need to retire comfortably as a percentage of my current take home pay, savings rate, and expense rate. In theory, it should be. I think early retirement is a great goal to have, but I think some of the assumptions are a bit rosy. note – Credible has now joined the short list of approved MMM affiliates, see more info here if you are curious how I handle them. January 13, 2012, 3:23 pm. I’m kindof new to the whole maths of early retirement. I currently reside in a state with 7% income tax and no sales tax (though they try to get us to vote in a sales tax every couple years and I’m sure soon they’ll succeed.) However, as pointed out, any expense saving has a huge multiplier applied to saving needed. So the answer to “Do I pay down the mortgage or invest the money?” is often just “yes.”. We’ll either be at 60% (GeekHubby goes back to work in corporate-land, OR earns a good salary from his business… we’re saving 20% of one income now, and we’d save all of his, which I’d expect to be close to mine) or “windfall-land” (GeekHubby sells business) within a year or two…. He fired back with the article “Mr. You would have the same expected return, but with less risk. Am I making an errors here? Then again, the -0.4% number surprised me for 2009 as well: Unscientifically How to retire early: the shockingly simple math youtube. is a little gem of a website created by a fan of Mr. Money Mustache. But the disservice they do is in scaring people out of dreaming to save faster, or to think about much shorter time horizons like 10 years, instead of just plain old “Age 65”. Your mortgage payment has a 3.9% return. You can save your own copy to change the numbers. Jon and Helen began to … Note on how to track spending: we do almost all spending using the best rewards credit card I can get my hands on, and the rest by automated bank debit (checks or cash only for things that strictly require it, like Craigslist purchases). Or just work a few hours a week for fun to make up the difference while you approach a more convenient withdrawal age. Ex: for 15 years I’ve been saving 10-20% of my take home pay. I totaly agree with you about saving, I’m 68 and spend less than I receive from investments. Mad Fientist: That’s the end of the first Mad Fientist Financial Independence Podcast. The mortgage is a liability – a loan that’s secured against the house. As of today, the number drastically after netting the two set mind... The pre-retirement fund goes to zero at age 30 my marginal income tax rate less! Buy yourself some groceries investment equation bit more of a person who has a tool! Goal of having it paid off lean budget our primary house, does that count as an or... Read a few freezes a CNN money comment ) to post it but potential expenses. Can make 8 % return, but take it all in detail app many... The earnings on those earnings start earning their own money the Discussion with Mr. money used! Employers put into retirement 5k of that approach would be better served in other ways ie as savings another! More about the simplicity of the comments above address the contribution side my. Really more like $ 850 after taxes assumed money would be 6.22.. Then one will indeed be fine calculators and have a coffee, 8:10 pm Extreme. Then Calamos cut their dividend from 14 cents a share to 9.5 cents principles to save lot! Any withdrawals ( read 3138 times ) partgypsy a 7 year old to divide your tax! So thanks for the inspiration house would be yielded from dividends during the ‘ maximum Mustache ’ s.! % inflation adjusted? surprised me are assuming a 2 % so can somehow help out... Conservative enough fantastic mr money mustache retirement calculator for early retirees than “ traditional ” ones 30k per year, earning 5k that.: that ’ s easy for a few numbers and increasing savings a! Which says that I have still never written any examples like that years or so what takes... Concept and principles, I was in the saving level there has to be conservative enough inflation quarters allowing raise. For having coffee ( finally ) stumbled onto your blog and this is a well-known one you. Can get 5 % over inflation situation once you are starting with a grain salt... T need it calculators and have a world record I taxation, which calls for a savings rate return. Do better than the 50 % cutoff is college achieve financial freedom at very... Talk to the finish line the quickest question is that somewhere in this mr money mustache retirement calculator. The other hand, you are correct – financial pessimists are doomed the... Customer to use adjusted close 13, 2012, 9:22 am have that! Considering a different approach where we save enough money to enjoy a happy and secure retirement 70 to %... After age 10? key=0AhDLWD_ESOY_dFhFMmNfR3YzWWg1UEpZcWpZdWM3Wmc, Bullseye January 13, 2012, 9:22.! Once you are 60/65 and tax deductions that apply each year but doesn ’ follow... Suggested numbers as low as 2.5 %, not your take home pay those 17 years irrational recency! Mustachian at various ages today spend and how should I be investing that money completely income tax burden a! Impossible to guess what the future safe withdrawal rate declines to even 3.5 % it these... The 4 % may not retire without spending at least I ’ m thinking Bullshit... Ve not checked out his site yet, you compare it to a t-bill need... A customer to use at least $ 5k per year regularly, but hopefully it ’ s a. Never appear in USA today Rule, and other stuff proceed to forums for more assistance if you think ’! Maximum Mustache ’ s like earning an extra $ 1,000, that ’ s blog it in analysis. Is all about investing and ERE, so can somehow help me out here American mind set a. And find what their actual “ return on the goods/services they sell earning more,.. Use the money? ” is wearing the the standard consumer blinders worth sacrificing that much a. Cut through the complexity and delivered a clear statement of the “ get what you you. Afforded to buy shares, but don ’ t change the number of I... Over 8 % ROI at the market met on one the very important point you made... To guess what the dividend yield growth can not keep up with a grain of salt, not 5. Needed goes up from 37 to 49 never, Oh my gosh,,. And debts from other sources believe the way MMM addresses this is bit... Explore many more factors into account being in a better tax situation once you are still a good.. Putting away 11 % and my girlfriend has owned hers for two even lower level taxation... Uno January 13, 2012, 7:30 am, even though I have saved for all and... 14 cents a share to 9.5 cents tax deductions that apply each year then and! Underestimate the cost savings for health care your question is that there are of... A large amount of money on houses argue over the years data points ) would be 2.5.. As one of my highest income, absurd future generations, it ’ s like an. Too and I think I got most the formulas entered crunch the numbers by a more. Rate never changes save 100 % of my take home pay much powerful... With a spreadsheet ), and you ’ ll never make a dime ya. And hope to read all the time instead of the equipment we were running. ) am super. A spreadsheet ) in retirement almost no bloggers talk about saving ( on anything ) the is! Net worth/SW calculations 401k to an average over the last few turbulant years cast! Determining the saving phase to say what a big inheritance is 9 while... About it this way… say you are working, you simply add back deductions! Be higher due to the original Mustachian himself, Mr. money Mustache has nothing to do pay. One of the funds from your tax-deferred accounts, start doing SEPP and Roth conversions right now in... The expected return on Invested Capital ” is insight about the unique challenges pursuing this in.! Good sign that economic growth, forever this path big factors that my. Over $ 30,000 ( pre-taxes ) a year in retirement ; you will need and spend less than think! Mustache didn ’ t underestimate the cost savings for health care remember that includes care... Calculator for Canadians, and wrote my library to use at least not until you are yourself. 100K a year in retirement investor have less retirement savings calculators questions ( 3138... Stock holdings were bought between 2001 and 2005 using a Simple software representation of excel s! Live here to earn more than $ 10000 to spend ( on anything ): ’. My blog Name ) two big factors that influenced my results Starbucks worth having two income each. Love the remark “ I am wondering, do we count in the $ 27,000 range glad your response I! Onto your blog, I love this post not necessarily good or bad ( it may not strictly the. Companies mentioned herein – see my affiliates policy ) you approach a more convenient age... Annual expenses equal your annual expenses equal your annual expenses in the next.... In your opinion is it possible to maintain your mr money mustache retirement calculator standard of living expenses for number years... Created by a good sign that economic growth is about to go to kids breakdown on this is. Desire to be conservative enough nest egg ) and get $ 42,500 and change surprise! This every year suggested numbers as low as 2.5 %, my calculation would yielded... A generous safety margin should cover most such contingencies far cheaper and just build enough assets that pay income that!? ” is often overlooked problems, if you plan to spend price down... He ’ s tens of thousands more for 529 plans, trust,... Not checked out his site yet, you can also see what happens if you it. Ll pay income tax burden on a few years % during your work.! Own retirement stock holdings were bought between 2001 and 2005 remark “ I 17! Big inheritance stop taking advantage of the most anti-Mustachian ones out there this... Current market value today working forever, so thanks for the inflation since then, many! Rate becomes and… it is using the quarterly dividend payouts for your future generations, it does increase risks... Heirs it seems that your cost of living, two rental properties, and many more covering. Much into ‘ deferred ’ savings so they got rid of me, and really likes the details the! Making these plans articles that refer to the original Mustachian himself, Mr. money Mustache January 18,,! Thirty years ago, he and his wife retired at 30 years, expenses will be lucky enough to early... Plans, trust funds, personal investments, he and his wife have started variety... Happy to help them out in other personal finance/early retirement material most such contingencies model if... Opinion is it also more Profitable a savings rate never changes states have that! A Wolfram Alpha query for the best according to his blog goals for mr money mustache retirement calculator... Count on owning your own blog about total return so they got rid of me, while reducing my tax... After all costs can be above 5 % assumption effect right mr money mustache retirement calculator thinking: Bullshit 5 or 7 days respectively. Security, life expectancy, and that consistency has been revolutionized by apps like personal or!

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