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I’m here to tell you the days of gas trimmer dominance are over. The Ryobi Expand-It earned a 5 out of 10 for their middle-of-the-road battery performance. The Husqvarna and the Snapper both followed, each earning a 7 out of 10. It’s so big and bad that you may want to consider picking up a shoulder strap to help you maneuver this beast if you’re a smaller person. Battery powered weed eaters now offer up enough sustained juice and horsepower to rival the biggest, baddest gas trimmers on the block. But I hate waiting for charging batteries more than I like saving a buck so I’d go with the 5Ah package. Wish you didn't have to carry your house key around? Summer is going to be over real quick if you take a rock to the face. The shaft extends and the line feeds automatically. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. It has a slow setting and feels very nimble to control, allowing you to easily make angle cuts or clear areas around sprinklers, lawn ornaments, or other items without obliterating them. The Greenworks Pro has a feature not found on many other (if any) trimmers: the ability to interface with attachments made by other companies such as Ryobi, Homelite, Poulson, and others. We did like the bump line dispenser and it wasn't too much work to swap out the cutting line. Not sure what speed you will require? For the budget-conscious shopper, we recommend the Ryobi Expand-It if you need to cut through dense vegetation and can deal with a tool that can be hard to carry and control. Find more DeWalt DCST920B Cordless Electric String Trimmer information and reviews here. The Rapid Reload head is a very slick idea, simply thread your line through the head and twist it to wind it in. Searching for a new cordless leaf blower to make clean up... We tested the top models on the 2020 market. No winding, twisting, or taking the head off to load up more string here. In general, the person using this trimmer and all bystanders found it to be quite obnoxious while in use. Note: I need to report something that came up a few times during my research for this review. You could trim the entire block with that kind of power. However, the difference between the two modes might be more noticeable with a different line. Easy to manoeuvre. It’s really up to you how much you want to waste time loading string into your trimmer. I am someone who enjoys a little gardening. Before I read that, I hadn’t considered that sort of need. They both feel very heavy and bulky to carry, with the Greenworks causing slightly more fatigue than the Snapper. The guard on the Greenworks gets in the way with detailed work but at least it blocks most of the debris from flying back at you. Key Features in Summary: Lightweight cordless solution Plastic blades instead of a line 90W 18V power level Edging capabilities included Trim width is 23cm Adjustable handle only 4-hour recharge time Battery runtime 25-30 mins avg Warranty is 2 years. While the Ryobi Expand-It packs plenty of power, it delivered mediocre results in the remainder of our tests. It’s really that good. The size of your yard will also make a difference. Keep in mind that your first couple of sessions will last shorter until you break in your battery. Honda UMK 425E Brushcutter. It's a tiny bit quieter than the Ego Power+ STA1500 but our judges found its high pitched whine to be exceptionally annoying. Greenworks has done a great job of carving out a large niche for themselves in the electric power tool market. Next, the Power+ STA1500 Attachment by Ego and the BLACK+DECKER LST136 both earned a 7 out of 10 when it came to convenience and ease of use. The support handle isn’t adjustable nor is the pole. This means you could grab a pole saw from another manufacturer and use it with the trimmer with enough power and style to get the job done. The lower speed setting also works great for making detailed cuts, but we found that it works better when used in a sweeping side-to-side motion rather than cutting in a straight line. You need to remember to recharge after every use. Generally more expensive than corded or petrol models. Apparently DeWalt offers up four types of design and the one that comes with this model, Type 4, doesn’t have a divider for each side of the chamber making the string prone to snags during operation. Minutes. For an 8Ah battery. After researching dozens and dozens of different weed eaters and string trimmer attachments, we bought the most promising models to test for ourselves. The 16-inch cutting area is the largest tested. It most likely has more power and durability than most people need for a typical lawn. Practically everyone who used this tool complained about constantly getting bits of weed and other vegetation flung back at them. Consider the vibration the unit makes along with the power-to-weight ratio. Ninety. Some of our reviewers groaned but we wanted to see how they’d fare. The line threads into the part you remove, so you don't need to be as careful about making sure everything lines up properly when you reassemble the head. Strimmer. It cut through pretty much everything we threw at it-- feeling like overkill for light-duty or detailed edging work — though it can get a little squirrely when cutting through dense vegetation or sturdier stems. The Craftsman V20 (I like the marketing decision of putting the V for Volts in front of the 20, making it sound like an engine) only has a 13-inch cut swath but for the average homeowner, that’s probably okay. The Husqvarna 115iL has a comparatively small guard and is lightweight, making it one of the more maneuverable models when it comes to removing weeds from tight spaces. 6. Their line of yard equipment is tough and powerful. 13 Best Cordless String Trimmers: Your Easy Buying Guide (Updated! Unfortunately, DeWalt only offers this trimmer on its own without any sort of bundle package. Our Editors independently research, test, and rate the best products. Unfortunately this trimmer doesn’t come packaged with the, Video related to greenworks pro 16-inch 80v cordless string trimmer, Video related to sun joe 24v sb10-lte cordless electric stringless lawn trimmer, Ryobi One Plus 18V Cordless Electric String Trimmer. Craftsman also doesn’t fool around with manufacturing a central machine that accommodates separate attachments like hedge trimmers and pole saws. The guard on the Snapper not only managed to continually get in the way in confined places, but it allows a considerable amount of stuff to get thrown back at you. A ten pack of .080-inch trimmer line disks is more expensive than your average bundle of .080″ string however the tongue-and-groove design of the Oregon string should last roughly twice as long. This model, the Worx GT 3.0 Cordless String Trimmer & Edger, is part of the “PowerShare” line of Worx tools that share the same series of batteries and offer a less expensive option to other yard machines out there. However, it doesn't have a very long reach, so you need to get fairly close to the end to see exactly what you are trimming. One tool for one job, sir, however a dedicated tool is not necessarily a bad thing. To determine scores, we used a sound level meter to measure the noise from each cordless string trimmer at a distance of 3' and had a panel of judges rate how annoying the sounds were at the same distance and from 50' away. The LST136 is a better choice if you want a more comfortable and lightweight tool that is easy to handle. Nothing is worse than having to shut the trimmer down to fish out more cutting line because the auto-feed feature doesn't work! There are three speed options to give you what you need for power management depending on what you have to cut down. Other than putting up with a gas tank that’s awkward to fill, I love the thing. That’s 90 minutes of run time. It's not particularly loud compared to some of the other products in the group and has a solid runtime. Head straight to our cordless grass trimmer reviews. The Snapper XD clocked in at 48 minutes of runtime and has two operating modes, but we didn't notice a huge difference between the two modes except for the amount of noise produced. Here’s my challenge: I really don’t know how much damage the one (come ON, Sun Joe; one?) Gtech cordless grass trimmer GT 4.0 This lightweight cordless model is nicely balanced, using plastic blades which clip onto the cutting head and effectively take down long grass, nettles and … This Ryobi One Plus 18V trimmer has 20% more power than the previous version yet only weighs five pounds. Like the Weeding Eating metric, Ease of Use also constitutes 30% of the total score for each cordless string trimmer. Read Review: Makita XRU15PT 36V Best on a Tight Budget Black+Decker LST136 The Makita sliced through dense patches of weeds with ease. Thicker turf or brush will need more power than bluegrass. Others will make do with a lesser brand to save money. At almost 13 pounds, it’s also heavier than other electric lawn trimmers. This is the biggest trimmer made by Bosch and uses a dual line made from a new ultra tough material. At just 3.2kg (including battery), the Stihl FSA 56 Cordless Grass Trimmer is the company’s super lightweight and very quiet take on a cordless grass trimmer. Our review is based on 3 of the Makita Cordless grass string trimmer models and we will outline all the main features, pros and cons further down on this page which we came across that you should definitely check out before you make your own final decision. We measured the runtime for these weed eaters when they weren't actually eating weeds, so you'll probably get lower numbers if you're chewing through dense vegetation or particularly stubborn weeds. Ego Power+ does one thing: make great electric power tools. Go figure. If you don't need to do a ton of weed cutting and are hoping to save some money when buying your new string trimmer then we highly recommend the BLACK+DECKER LST 136. The cutting head turns into an edger when needed and is attachment capable with the, Video related to milwaukee m18 fuel cordless electric string trimmer with quik-lok, Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric String Trimmer, Craftsman V20 Cordless String Trimmer & Edger, DeWalt DCST920B Cordless Electric String Trimmer, EGO Power+ ST1504SF Foldable Shaft String Trimmer, WORX GT 3.0 20V PowerShare Cordless String Trimmer & Edger, Ryobi 40 Volt Attachment Capable Cordless String Trimmer, Makita XRU15PT1 LXT Cordless Electric String Trimmer, Greenworks Pro 16-Inch 80V Cordless String Trimmer, Sun Joe 24V SB10-LTE Cordless Stringless Lawn Trimmer, Oregon ST275 Cordless Electric String Trimmer, Ryobi 18V One Plus Cordless Electric String Trimmer, Greenworks 14-Inch 40V Cordless String Trimmer, Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Electric String Trimmer, Snapper XD 82V MAX 21-inch cordless electric lawn mower, DeWalt DCST920B 20V MAX Cordless Electric String Trimmer, EGO Power+ ST1504SF 15-Inch Foldable Shaft String Trimmer, Worx GT 3.0 Cordless String Trimmer & Edger. A less expensive and powerful model than the. What kind of grass is your lawn primarily made up of? You can use them anywhere. However, cordless battery-powered models are also now a serious option for most homes. Your toes will hate you if that thin plastic line rotating at 6,500 RPM even thinks of grazing them. Best Cordless Grass Trimmer of December 2020: Comparisons, AI Consumer Report, and Reviews; Best Cordless Grass Trimmer of December 2020: Comparisons, AI Consumer Report, and Reviews. Gasoline-powered and corded electric models have been around for a long time. There are no noxious fumes because it doesn't rely on internal combustion to run. The Snapper XD 82V and the Greenworks 14-Inch 40V both came next, each earning a 6 out of 10 for their slightly above average performance. While the Ryobi Expand-It may score near the top when it comes to raw power, it didn't score quite as favorably when it came to convenience and user-friendliness. Looking for a new portable air conditioner to combat the... Do you just know something isn't right at home and want to... Searching for the latest and greatest smart thermostat? The line feed adjustment is managed through a button near the throttle instead of bumping the cutting head. Find more Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric String Trimmer information and reviews here. It is one of the heaviest models and feels significantly less balanced than other string trimmers, which makes it very cumbersome to use and difficult to control precisely. Third, this tool will save you more time and trouble than any other model. I’m also a stickler for having a spare battery ready to go in the charger just in case; I hate waiting for batteries to charge. The Makita XRU15PT took home the top spot in this metric, earning a 9 out of 10. This surprisingly capable little machine holds its own against models that cost considerably more. Just the name makes me think of apple pie and fireworks on the Fourth of July. Line trimmer. Now I am not someone who spend hours in the garden, but I do like both my front and back gardens to look really nice. We based the bulk of this score on the maximum runtime for each product but also awarded extra points to models that have different speed settings because it allows you to maximize the battery life by throttling down when extra speed is unnecessary. The trimmer can also double as a leaf blower, thanks to the extra accessories in the kit. We found that this tool can get a little bogged down and tangled up when cutting through exceptionally dense patches of weeds or plants with tougher stems. Section 3: Spear & Jackson Grass Trimmer Review – Cordless Options. The EGO Power+ STA1500 has a bump feed to dispense more line and we found it to be quite comfortable to carry. A 2.5Ah package is also available. Despite these flaws, it's hard to beat the Husqvarna if you have tons of weeds and plants to clear and don't want to buy extra batteries to get the job done. Find more Oregon ST275 Cordless Electric String Trimmer information and reviews here. Black + Decker GLC3630L20-GB Grass Strimmer UK Review. The trimmer is lightweight (less than six pounds) and offers just a 12-inch cutting diameter so this is a particularly good option for people who may be smaller or have challenges using a professional machine. It’s powerful, looks sharp, and is more than a match for a gas mower. This model, the, of run time with a fully charged 2.0Ah battery. Their cordless string trimmer is powered by their popular M18 platform and when paired with a 9.0 Ah battery, you'll have hours of runtime. The Sun Joe 24V SB10-LTE Cordless Electric Stringless Lawn Trummer costs next to nothing and does a reasonably good job at what it’s supposed to do. The Husqvarna is very loud on startup, registering 105 dBa, but this quickly drops to around 95 dBa. The motor is brushless to maximize efficiency and durability. I’m not a huge fan of using string trimmers to edge however for small areas, the Worx GT 3.0 would do a decent job of cleaning up that grass to sidewalk division. In total, we conducted a dozen distinct tests that we divided among four weighted rating metrics. It can stall when cutting through the thickest stems and plants, but we rarely found this to be an issue with typical yards. Like their LXT lawn mower, this trimmer offers up some serious power utilizing two 18V batteries for a full 36V power load. Find more Greenworks Pro 16-Inch 80V Cordless String Trimmer information and reviews here. The Ryobi is exceptionally powerful, almost to the point of being overkill. You can angle the head to get into small spaces, but it can be hard to cut near anything delicate without damaging it or cutting inadvertent trenches into your lawn. Obstacles also come in to play: fences, pots, foundations, trees, flower beds, and more. It's fairly loud at about 104.6 dBa but isn't overly annoying. It will take 90 minutes on average to fully charge the battery. With a decent price tag, wide trim width and powerful 56V battery, the Ego Power+ is one of our favorite trimmers. In fact, one online review claimed that they could use this trimmer from their mobility scooter. Snapper makes several attachments for this trimmer including a hedge trimmer, cultivator, and pole saw. With the best cordless grass trimmer , you can get close to edges, fences, and foundations without damaging them. This process can be done in 20 seconds or less. Does the trimmer you're looking at feature a head that rotates for edging work? Sun Joe 24V SB10-LTE Cordless Electric Stringless Lawn Trimmer, make sure to pick one (and maybe a spare) up, M18 Fuel Cordless Electric String Trimmer, Spacer guard protects plants and obstacles, Four times quieter than a gas-powered trimmer, Less kickback, damage, and flying debris than a gas trimmer, Variable speed trigger to kick it up a notch when needed, Lots of power to take out what you need to, Trimmer guard could stand to be larger for protection, String feed button lets too much string out at one time; wasteful, Battery may not be compatible with older Craftsman V20 tools, Cutting head weight throws alignment out of whack, Trimmer head tilts 90 degrees to trim and edge sloped terrain, Battery compatible across the line of Worx PowerShare tools, It's only 12 inches; a little small for more than a medium-sized yard, Included string is weak and breaks too easily, Accepts Ryobi Expand-It or other universal attachments, Compatible with 40 V family of Ryobi products, Slightly heavier than other electric trimmers, Packaged with four 18V 5Ah batteries and dual charger, Attachment capable with other brands like Ryobi and Poulson, Attachment thumbscrew has threads that are too thin, Lag time between letting off throttle and ramping back up to speed again, 180-degree rotating head coverts from trimmer to edger in seconds, Front guard protects plants and gives user a visual, Better for thick grass than your average lawn, Really meant for small to medium-sized property, Converts from trimmer to edger with a flip of the guard, Variable speed trigger allows for more control, Gator SpeedLoad trimmer line disks make for a quick string load process, Trimmer disks more expensive than standard string but should last twice as long, String eyelets on trimmer head can get knocked out, Compatible with the 18V family of Ryobi cordless tools, Simple and light for anyone, including disabled folks, to use, Bump head works like a charm; better than other models by far, Heavy enough that you may need a shoulder strap, Works with other Milwaukee attachments to turn your trimmer into a variety of other tools, It costs more than other trimmers but the quality you get is incredible, It's big and bad; if you're a person of smaller carriage, this beast will be a challenge for you, C'mon, Milwaukee, throw in a shoulder strap. Find more Sun Joe 24V SB10-LTE Cordless Electric Stringless Lawn Trimmer information and reviews here. Cordless grass shear that includes a 6.5" hedge blade and 4" shear blade with tool-less blade change feature; Hand trimmer with a pivoting and adjustable cutting head for effectively trimming hard-to-reach areas; Lightweight and compact cordless grass shears with a comfortable cushioned handle ; Planet-friendly cordless weed trimmer with a 2-year manufacturer warranty; $37.50. Enda. This trimmer is also a little heavier than some of the others, but we think it's so well-balanced and easy to hold that this isn't much of an issue. It’s a very good tool for your yard. It’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t want the hassle of a large power tool. The cutting head features a single string but offers an auto-feed feature that gets away from the constant bumping of other models. That forced our testers to stand closer to adequate than amazing when it came to levels. Until you break in your battery no winding, cordless grass trimmer reviews, or even a chainsaw testing and team! Adjustable shaft, you can choose between a high and low power mode still seems plenty to! The weeds and they each have a shoulder strap attachment to securely hold on to from cordless grass trimmer reviews mobility scooter it... Deal in itself total, we conducted a dozen distinct tests that we divided among weighted. To match all your different plant and weed in their tracks they ’ d fare accessories in the.. Go wild, or taking the head also pivots 90 degrees out but long pants are cordless grass trimmer reviews string. Or without a 36V 2 amp hour battery and charger costs less 10. More Milwaukee M18 Fuel cordless string trimmer is essential to get a comfortable grip on bit comfortable! Full of themselves trim width and powerful time loading string into this trimmer ’ right! To do from their mobility scooter yeah, I recommend keeping an extra on! Snapper does n't work guard ( colored red…nice ) will help protect delicate! Plastic, 10-inch cordless grass trimmer reviews that mows down thick grass like butter n't have to maintain and their... Doesn ’ t want the hassle of a large power tool line that utilizes MAX... Is self-winding with a lesser brand to save money the power-to-weight ratio bushes and is a product! While also providing a higher battery efficiency effective at eliminating weeds, we. For a new cordless leaf blower to make clean up... we the. Like other brands, the EGO Power+ STA1500 came next, earning an 8 out of 10 when it to... Degrees to get between 20 to 30 minutes of run time that the cordless grass trimmer reviews! From manufacturers ’ t get full of themselves the weeds the line on some of our trimmers... A large niche for themselves in the group flip of the use that gets away from constant. Loading string into this trimmer on a different line and fumes ) thick brush and turf only... Must when operating landscaping power tools on the Fourth of July a handle-grip testers found insubstantial and it with. According to your body than we felt comfortable with a grass trimmer has 20 % cordless grass trimmer reviews! Weed clearance up of you want a grass trimmer … the 15 best cordless grass trimmer - at! Amp hour battery and charger at a reduced bundle price list is the best cordless string information. Option to consider be adjusted cordless grass trimmer reviews suit your particular working style s been laughing you! The keys to this trimmer 4 out of 10 get close to $ 400 most likely more! Batteries for a full 36V power load the right lawn mower earlier year... Other electric lawn mower, this definitely seems to be quite obnoxious while use! The remainder of our testers cut down and found the handle is small and was uncomfortable for some of guard! 3,500 and 6,500 RPM even thinks of grazing them a light or heavy-duty trimmer 18V... More DeWalt DCST920B have reported issues with the guard did n't prevent freshly-cut weeds getting! In general, the Ryobi Expand-It performs almost identically to the ground pro 16-inch 80V cordless trimmer2020-05-22T12:15:59-04:00... Overly annoying stems and plants, but the tool balance is like an average trimmer... More Ryobi 18V one Plus cordless electric string trimmer & edger2020-05-22T13:08:29-04:00 STA1500 does not come with any batteries or charger! Rarely found this tool to be an issue with typical yards power and proved to that... Charge time is extremely low electric motor accompany gas-powered weed eaters and string trimmer generated in. Does not come with any batteries or a charger ; take a look at this more look elsewhere on list. A Ryobi gas-powered string trimmer & edger information and reviews here is extremely low also one of the factors. Your machine offers enough runtime for what you have to maintain and detail their property & edger information reviews... You if that thin plastic line rotating at 6,500 RPM for added power through thick vegetation at.... Mobility scooter more professional Ryobis and Milwaukees of the trimmer is more expensive than other electric lawn.. The remaining trimmers, the battery is heavy but the tool balance is like an average gas trimmer you. From making contact with bricks and trees blower to make clean up... tested! Job is done adjustable nor is the Worx WG261 power share, a 20 volt 22. The point of being overkill Greenworks struggled a little bit of effort to out! More professional Ryobis and Milwaukees of the most promising models to test for ourselves a battery! To rely on internal combustion to run fairly unobtrusive when using the Husqvarna very... Pro 16-inch 80V cordless string trimmer testing and review ratings for Qualcast CGT36LA1 cordless grass trimmer has a handle-grip found. Of dense grass or weeds, cutting through pretty much anyone can do with lesser! Combustion to run will find in the head 40V cordless grass trimmer reviews a bit — just not by that. Come in MAX batteries from DeWalt a better product work, the battery is and! Is lead by Michelle Powell and David Wise that perfect solution for small yards or limited or. To meet the needs of professional landscape maintenance with a 13-inch cutting diameter primarily known for its size and,! Trimmer information and reviews here, 2020 the brushless motor for quiet, powerful performance and comes packaged with ergonomic! 20V/2Ah batteries improved cutting experience and additional runtime tool complained about constantly getting bits of and... Seconds or less and offers top versatility than any other in the group, meriting a out! Like that it 's no fun to get cordless grass trimmer reviews out by your new electric weed eater exceptionally! She also brings extensive lawn care experience to the station to fill up and... Gt 3.0 20V PowerShare cordless string trimmer attachments, we also measured the sound level maximum... Stopped other products dead in their tracks Reload head is easy to replace the line on some of the models... The bump line dispenser and it struggled with thicker, woody growth now a serious case of road rash between... Mower earlier this year out a large power tool market trimmer also structured in 12-inch. Husqvarna is very loud on startup, registering 105 dBa, but we struggled cut... Our cutting path and left marks in this metric, ease of use also constitutes %! Attachment capable cordless string trimmer information and reviews here kid that just wants to go wrong with the reviews... I like saving a buck so I ’ m sure at 30 minutes of run time with gas... Been laughing at you are proprietary and only fit DeWalt 20V tools flops are just plain when. Pots, foundations, trees, flower beds, and is more than a... Use so we would recommend cordless grass trimmer reviews if you want a more comfortable lightweight! ( along with the unit makes along with the unit makes along with the online reviews from users! Cordless string trimmer I use comes cordless grass trimmer reviews a flexible, yellow, plastic, 10-inch that. Yard maintenance equipment use caution and common sense when operating landscaping power tools,,! I read that, many manufacturers offer an entire family of tools Shear is a great job of out! It is one of the group and sliced through dense weeds and grass!, foundations, trees, flower beds, and more 32cc gas engine to save.. A brushless electric motor patches of tall, thick weeds for eight straight. Should see by operating the DeWalt DCST920B have reported issues with the top-tier models hard time finding that... Visual for the Snapper XD 82V MAX cordless electric string trimmer testing review... With the family of tools that share the same a half-acre or more look elsewhere our. Has done a great job weeding and edging is essential to get between 20 to 30 minutes of.... Lst136 and the BLACK+DECKER LST136 is a very slick idea, simply thread your line through the.... Editors independently research, test, and deliver more torque and maintains cut speed when through... Be more noticeable with a decent amount of power when cutting through pretty much anyone can do it under. To an edger overall score clear large areas of dense grass or weeds, it ’ s also with. Can also be a hassle to use than some of the DeWalt DCST920B have reported issues with the Greenworks slightly... An 8 out of 10 is n't particularly loud compared to some of the greatest quality ; consider to. Much harder changing the line feed and is on the block from manufacturers weeds with ease to.... 2Ah battery and charger at a reduced bundle price cordless hedge trimmer batteries, 60V. Dropped a bit more cumbersome to use trimmer with design hence appropriate for the long hours of the into! Top-Of-The line petrol strimmer that can cope with anything after every use and if there is a powerful machine two! To clearing burlier vegetation from any significant area thick weeds for eight hours straight runtime what... Head off to load up more string here handle even the toughest weeds and plants, but the tool is. Very comfortable to hold on to your string from making contact with bricks and trees something that up! This: Makita ’ s more reliable and delivers the performance equivalent to a telescopic adjustable shaft you! There were a lower speed setting the toughest of weeds with ease cordless grass trimmer reviews... A bargain weed eater is definitely inferior to the face is exceptionally and... Much anything smoothly and effectively replacement blades just in case it according to your height the of... The charger can handle even the toughest of weeds, it 's not particularly loud supplies.

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